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App development

Our team handles all steps of the mobile development process, from evaluating your idea and creating a clear specification document to implementing your idea and releasing your product to the app stores. We communicate with our clients at each step of the development process. You’ll get weekly reports on how everything’s going and what’s planned for the next week.

UI/UX design

Our UI/UX designers can create beautiful and useful interfaces

Native Android

Our engineers explore new Android technologies and libraries as soon as they come out

Native iOS

Our iOS development team makes beautiful applications for Apple devices

Business analysis

The goal of a business analyst is to formalize your ideas and make sure we meet your expectations

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance engineers at Mobindustry are reliable guarantors of your app’s quality

Project management

Our project management team makes sure everything goes according to plan and all deadlines are met

Latest articles about app development

How to Estimate a Mobile App Development Project
  • How much does it cost to develop an app? Giving an answer to this question is the first things a development team will do before starting work on your project. Estimation is what will clearly show you if a company is right for you and if you’re the right client for them.
How To Develop a Mobile App for Your Logistics Enterprise
  • Logistics enterprises face many challenges, and being effective means beating your competitors and сoming out on top. Driver management application helps to optimize delivery times, routes, and the order of work processes. All this can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars and improve their service.
How to convert your website into a mobile app
  • When we offer our services to ecommerce businesses that already have mobile websites, we often hear something like this:
  • — “It’s too expensive for us.”
  • — “We aren’t ready for this kind of investment.”

Managed engineering teams

If you need just part of what we offer, we’re ready to provide you with specialists who will be at your disposal. Our specialists have worked on all kinds of projects from MVPs for small startups to big enterprise applications. If you lack mobile expertise, don’t worry — our team members have it. We can help you at any point in your project, whether you require business analysis, development, or testing.

Request a business analyst

If you plan to create an application but you don’t know where to start, you should consult with a business analyst

Request a project manager

If you have a development team but you don’t have time to manage their work, our project managers can help

Request a developer

If you feel you don’t have the time to find and hire a new developer for your own team, we have developers at the ready

Request a quality assurance engineer

Our quality assurance engineers are always ready to perform manual testing of your application and report on bugs

Request a UI/UX designer

Our designers not only create beautiful applications but also make them business-oriented

Latest articles from our engineers:

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway in a Mobile App
  • There’s a golden rule in sales: the easier the payment process is, the higher the probability the customer will buy the product. This is especially true for ecommerce, where any problem with a mobile payment can be a serious obstacle to purchasing.
How to Create Apps for Controlling a TV with Chromecast
  • Movies, music, and other forms of entertainment have shifted from traditional TV and radio broadcasting to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify. After these services gained popularity, demand grew for controller devices. Chromecast is a perfect solution, if you want to control your TV with a mobile phone and get rid of all those remote controllers.
How to Implement Deep Links and Android App Links in an M-commerce App
  • Most people won’t bother searching for a product they’ve seen in an ad – especially if this ad simply directs them to a website’s home page. How can you quickly show your customers what they want to see? How can you accelerate purchases and win your users’ loyalty? The answer is deep links.

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Product management

We believe that code is just a tool for business growth. Our team cares deeply about creating a truly useful product, so we want your product to be successful on the market. To make that happen, we analyze your competition to define features that will make your product unique. Mobindustry can also provide business consultations and valuable insights that will allow you to launch your mobile business successfully.

Market and competitor research

We’re passionate about mobile apps and we always monitor the market just for fun to see what’s new

Customer support

As a team of mobile developers, we’re able to quickly respond to customer requests and questions

Business consulting

Mobindustry is a business-oriented company and we strive to help our clients create successful, thriving businesses

Latest articles about product management

The Omnichannel Approach to Building Mobile Apps
  • If you think back to the last major purchase that you made, you likely checked multiple sources before coming to a final decision to actually make the purchase. But, there was a time that consumers would simply ask a friend, or buy whatever worked for them the last time
14 Augmented Reality Ideas for Your Next Business
  • Primitive augmented reality has been around for decades. But, because of the high cost of the hardware to make it in any way practical for most people, it has, until recently, been little more than a gimmick for geeks like us, or large-scale facilities for military training
The Best App Launch Strategy Before the New Year
  • Well, well, well. The New Year is just around the corner, and your app doesn’t seem to be ready for release. Your client insists it is released before the New Year, and now you need to figure out how to launch your app around the holidays

Product marketing

Billions of apps on the app stores don’t get enough users, and looking at those unsuccessful projects makes us sad. Our goal is to create apps that people actually use, and we bet that’s what you want too! That’s why we do everything we can to spread the word about your application and help as many people benefit from it as possible. Optimization for app store search engines and professional product marketing allows people to find, install, and enjoy your app.

Go-to-market strategy

New apps don’t get enough users and revenue, it’s vital to choose the right go-to-market strategy

App store optimization

Just as you optimize your website for Google, you need to optimize your app’s profile in the app stores

User acquisition strategy

The way you acquire users depends on the type of business you’re running

Latest articles about product marketing

Push Notifications vs SMS vs Email: Which Should You Use to Save Money?
  • There are many things a business can’t survive without. Reaching out to customers is one of them. You can have the best product in the world and a cool sales strategy, but there’s no point if nobody knows about it
Best Mobile App Analytics Tools: Comparison
  • How can you improve your application and get people to enjoy it more? For this you’ll need to become an explorer and see what your users are doing – then you’ll be able to find out what works and what doesn’t
App Store Optimization (ASO): Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018
  • Your app is finally ready for release and now the whole world needs to know about it. Is there an effective way to get noticed among millions of mobile apps? We will give an answer in this article

Maintenance and support

Abandoned apps that used to have many good reviews make us even sadder. We’ll gladly take care of your app — and your users — after release. Mobindustry provides all kinds of maintenance services so that your users will never feel like you’ve abandoned them.

Bug fixes

We can get rid of bugs in any code after thorough testing and work to minimize them in future

App updates

Our team of developers can provide updates that are timely and valuable for your users

New features

Your business changes over time, and you app must too

Operating system and library updates

As soon as a new operating system goes live, we immediately update your app so that it works perfectly on all devices

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