Digest #12: Coinbase shattered their reputation of crypto leader

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Read about the new Apple apps and features, the importance of reputation and Google’s messengers


Apple WWDC 2022 took place, and the company showed lots of new features and apps. One of the most interesting apps will show users whether any of their medications are incompatible between each other or with alcohol. Now your iOS device will be able to check if your doctor made a mistake.

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What about the reputation?


Coinbase, one of the leading crypto-currency companies, decided to pause its hiring and even recide some offers it already made to crypto specialists. This immediately affected Coinbase’s image on the hiring market. Reputation is extremely important in the world of tech companies, and Coinbase harmed theirs.

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Mozilla translator

Mozilla released their new Project Bergamot – a local machine translator that doesn’t use any external servers. Usually, translators save the text you put in. Mozilla decided to try a more secure approach so that their translator works on the user’s device through WebAssembly.

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Google’s messengers

Over the time of its existence, Google created lots of messengers, and now they try to manage them and create one convenient product. According to rumors, Google plans to combine Duo and Meet. It will be based on Duo’s code, but its name will be Meet. 

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Apple’s Mail

apple mail

Apple updated their Mail application by copying most popular features from Gmail. Now users can cancel sending of an email, ger reminders about the unread messages, and search for particular messages. Maybe now Mail will finally become convenient to use.

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