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Allo — A large ecommerce platform for electronics

A free native app for purchasing electronics and ordering delivery to
your address or one of 250 offline stores
Total development time

Total development time

10,000 hours

Team members

Team members




Android, iOS




Our input

Our input

Business analysis
UI/UX design
Android/iOS development
Quality assurance
Product analytics
Project management

Time before MVP release

Time before MVP release

1800 hours



Allo is a large Ukrainian ecommerce platform that has over 250 offline stores, an online store, and iOS and Android apps that have been downloaded over 650,000 times. They sell all types of electronics, from smartphones and laptops to electric scooters and household appliances.

Project background

When our client came to us, they had an extremely successful ecommerce website, but their competitors had started to offer mobile apps that enhanced the customer experience and opened the door to attracting a wider audience that primarily shops with mobile devices.

To compete, Allo decided to create a mobile application as another channel for sales and marketing.

Project idea

At first, our client wanted the Allo mobile app to replicate existing website functionality, which included these features:

  • Product listings
  • Search and filters
  • Checkout
  • Product comparison
  • Favorites
  • Product reviews, etc

However, mobile applications are capable of way more than that. We suggested that our client add mobile-specific features that incorporated GPS, camera, and other mobile hardware functionality.

The initial idea of the app (as a copy of the website) transformed into a mobile solution that allows users to get personalized offers due to advanced mobile analytics, receive notifications, and have a convenient and fast way to purchase products.

Project idea
Goals and challenges

Goals and challenges

  • Expand an existing audience
  • Become a mobile market leader
  • Create a unique experience within the app and tie it with the existing website and offline stores

The main goal of the project was to expand our client’s audience and take over the Ukrainian mobile ecommerce market. Competition from other ecommerce companies was the biggest challenge, so we needed to consider time to market in our development process.

Also, we needed to integrate the new mobile application with our client’s existing online and offline business to make the user experience cohesive across all platforms from the UI/UX and functional standpoints.

Development process and results

Our first step was to analyze our client’s business needs and create technical specifications for both the iOS and Android applications. We developed wireframes and documentation and estimated the whole project. To make sure we released the app as fast as possible, we created a list of must-have features for an MVP version.

To add value to the product, we added features that were unique to the mobile app:

  • Location-based push notifications
  • Deep links
  • Advanced analytics
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile payments
  • Gamification
  • Parcel tracking
  • Loyalty program

We chose native technologies for this project for the best quality and performance and created native apps adapted for Android and iOS to offer the best user experience. For example, for the iOS app, we added Apple ID authorization.

Development process and results
After the first release, we started to gather data about users, consumer behavior, the app’s performance, and more. This helped us create a list of improvements. In the chart below, you can see how our client’s metrics changed in just one and a half years:
Increased byIncreased by
Active monthly users70%88%
Retention rate41%37.5%
Average time spent in the app daily445%155%
Average check size60%33%
In just one year, the Allo app gained an audience of:
monthly active users on Android
monthly active users on iOS
These are the team members that worked on this project:
2 Android developers

2 Android developers

2 iOS developers

2 iOS developers

2 QA specialists

2 QA specialists

Project manager

Project manager

Business analyst

Business analyst

UI/UX designer

UI/UX designer

See the ALLO app on the app markets

app store
google play
Allo. App
Allo. App
Allo. App
Allo. App

Main features in the ALLO app

Personal profiles

Personal profiles contain brief data on users, their order histories, their preferred delivery options, favorites, loyalty program bonuses, and app settings.

Product listings

The app contains a product listing for every product that Allo sells. Each product has a rating, photo, and name along with a short description. To ease the search process, the listing feature includes a catalog tree, smart predictive search, and filters.

Payment gateway

To fully cover the target audience’s needs, we chose Way4Pay as our payment gateway processor, as it covers most payment methods used in Ukraine. With Way4Pay, customers can pay with their credit and debit cards as well as with services including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Loyalty program

Allo has its own loyalty program and supports various third-party loyalty programs. In the ALLO app, users can also collect bonuses from their purchases and spend them in partner shops.

Push notifications

We implemented push notifications with deep links for the highest conversion rates. To increase the open rate, we upgraded to rich push notifications with media files. Later, Allo also started to offer location-based notifications that appear when a user is near an Allo retail store.

Technologies we used

  • Objective-C, Swift
  • Java
  • MVP architecture + Repository pattern
  • Retrofit 2, RxJava2
  • DI Dagger2
  • Architecture Components (LiveData)
  • Chrome Tabs
  • Firebase
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Maps
  • Glide
  • OrmLite
  • ButterKnife
  • Facebook SDK

What our client said about this project

Allo. Review

Mobindustry proved to be a proactive and business-oriented agency.

Konstantin Avilov
CIO at Allo

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