How to Use Gamification in Ecommerce Mobile Apps Like AliExpress

Gamification will be worth $2.8 BN over the next 2 years, as more and more retailers use it to increase their revenue. According to studies, gamification made user engagement grow 47%. We were so excited about it that we decided to analyse the success of the Aliexpress shopping app — one of the best examples of gamification in modern retail.


How to Use Gamification in Ecommerce Apps Like AliExpress

Are games just for kids? The trend of gamification in retail apps proves they aren’t! Adults enjoy games just as much, especially when they offer bonuses. Retail companies have adopted gamification in their apps, and AliExpress is one of the brightest examples of gamification in ecommerce app.

Uber-for-X Technology Stacks – And Instacart Example

In recent years, Uber-for-X companies like Instacart have been popping up for everything from in-home hair stylists to  mobile bike mechanics. The concept of connecting people by location in terms of service has become a real trend.