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Out-of-the-Box Solution or Custom App for Your Scootersharing Business?

Choosing between a white-label solution for your scootersharing business and building an app from scratch can be a challenge. Wishing to save both money and time but still launch a viable product, entrepreneurs are torn between these two options. Which road should you follow? We compare both options and provide the estimated cost of each.

16.08.2019 Featured Post 99 views 8 min

How to Create a Mobile App for Your Gym or Fitness Center

Being healthy and fit is popular. So are mobile applications. Many fitness centers and gyms have already proven that combining both can provide amazing results and grow revenue.

01.08.2019 Featured Post 165 views 10 min

How to Turn Your Instagram Followers into Paid Subscribers with a Mobile Fitness App

You’ve come a long way: You have enough followers to be called an influencer. You get revenue from partnerships and ads, but in the end your followers’ money goes to the brands you advertise. How can you create an additional source of revenue from your Instagram profile? We have an answer.

31.07.2019 Featured Post 217 views 8 min

Redux meets Swift: Asynchronicity

In this article we’re going to talk about complex actions we can implement with Redux and the role of middlewares and reducers in the whole development process.

31.07.2019 Featured Post 116 views 5 min

What Are Blockchain Apps and How to Develop One

If you haven’t spent the past several years in a cave, you know about the blockchain. This technology has blown up so many markets, and while some people consider it a bubble, I believe that blockchains will soon be as common as the web.

12.07.2019 Featured Post 209 views 8 min

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are thriving. Each year, thousands of ski and snowboard aficionados head up the mountain to set new records. Mobile apps make winter sports more approachable and exciting. We’ve prepared a list of the hottest ski apps for committed skiers.

12.07.2019 Featured Post 195 views 9 min

How to Build a Carsharing App. Must-have Features and Development Costs

Every day, carsharing conquers new markets across the globe. This type of shared mobility has already proved itself viable, and there’s still room to grow. Carsharing looks appealing as a business idea, and modern technologies make it possible to provide customers with high-quality service. This article tells you how to start a carsharing business and which features to include in a mobile app.

29.06.2019 Featured Post 373 views 11 min

Introduction to Core Animation: Step-by-step Guide

Animation is an important part of almost every user interface, both for mobile apps and web platforms. Developers implement various animated elements to make their apps more compelling. In this article we’ll tell you how to work with Core Animation, a graphics rendering framework for iOS.

22.06.2019 Featured Post 347 views 8 min

Apple WWDC 2019: iOS 13 Dark Mode, iPadOS, SwiftUI, and More

AR integration, App Store for Apple Watch, and the death of iTunes. What other things did Apple introduce to their fans at this year’s WWDC? In this review, we cover the highlights of one of the most famous events in the mobile development world.

10.06.2019 Featured Post 436 views 10 min

How to Integrate Google Pay into Your Android App

The easier it is to pay, the more people will buy from you. This is the golden rule of any digital business. People are used to fast and convenient service, and this is exactly what Google Pay provides

31.05.2019 Featured Post 396 views 5 min

How to Integrate Siri Shortcuts into Your App

The release of Siri Shortcuts gave more opportunities to both app developers and iOS users. This useful feature groups iOS actions that can be triggered with custom voice commands. In our article, we share a tutorial on how this works and how to add Siri Shortcuts support to your own app.

30.05.2019 Featured Post 490 views 7 min

Top 10 React Native Frameworks for Your Cross-Platform Mobile App

React Native is a popular cross-platform framework that already has many ready solutions. They save significant time during development and make working with React Native more convenient

27.05.2019 Featured Post 696 views 5 min