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Lead Generation Case Study: How We Generated Leads for Insurance Development Services

Our client, a software development company, wanted to find new developing markets for their insurance website development services. They came to us to check their marketing hypothesis with a lead generation campaign and investigate new markets

15.05.2020 Featured Post 51 views 3 min

Case Study: How We Generated Leads for Fitness and Healthcare Development Services

Our client, a company that specializes in developing healthcare and fitness mobile apps, planned to find a new audience for their services. They chose lead generation as the fastest way to confirm if the audience they wished to target was actually interested in their services. We helped them create a campaign and support content but ran into issues connecting with the target audience on LinkedIn

14.05.2020 Featured Post 53 views 4 min

Lead Generation Case Study: How We Scheduled 35+ Meetings for an Istanbul Roadshow

Our client planned to expand their presence in the Turkish market and wanted to find more clients. We conducted a lead generation campaign in preparation for their roadshow to Istanbul

13.05.2020 Featured Post 50 views 3 min
huawei appgallery developer

How We Published a Large Ecommerce App on the Huawei AppGallery Store

After sales of Huawei devices significantly increased in Ukraine, we recommended that our client publish an app on the Huawei AppGallery store to reach a wider audience. Read how we released a large ecommerce app on AppGallery and adapted it for Huawei Mobile Services.

29.04.2020 Featured Post 93 views 6 min

How We Created a Full-fledged IoT Solution for a Power Bank Sharing Startup

Our client, a Chinese power bank sharing startup, needed full-cycle development for their whole IoT system. We created three technical specification documents, a cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, an application for power bank stations, and a backend with an admin panel. In this case study, we describe the development process and the challenges we overcame

23.12.2019 Featured Post 330 views 5 min

Case Study: How I Created a Demo Mobile App in Flutter for Different Domains

I created a demo project for use by businesses that sell products and services of various types. This app has a catalog, product profiles and ratings. The content in the app can be changed easily, so clients are able to get a personalized demonstration product in a short amount of time.

25.10.2019 Featured Post 780 views 6 min

Case Study: How We Created a Mobile App for a Fitness Center

Our client, an Indonesian fitness company, decided to create a customer-facing mobile app to satisfy the demands of their customers. We created a technical specification, built an MVP, and deployed it within strict deadlines. In this case study, we describe how we managed to optimize the customer experience with a mobile app and integrate it into an existing web system for both clients and administrators.

27.08.2019 Featured Post 2184 views 4 min

How We Rebranded a Big Logistics Application and Increased Loyalty: Mobile App Redesign

Our client is a European logistics company that decided to create a customer-facing mobile app over three years ago. We deployed the app and have continued supporting it. But over the years, UI and UX standards have changed. In this case study, we describe how we redesigned both the visual aspects and business logic of this logistics app. We made the app more compelling, modern, and competitive, increasing the loyalty of our client’s end customers.

22.04.2019 Featured Post 575 views 4 min

How We Optimized the Sales Funnel for Our Ecommerce Client: Mobile App Redesign

We’ve been working on our retail client’s mobile app for almost four years. To increase sales through the application and reflect changes to business, our client decided to redesign the application. In this case study, we show how we used data about user behavior to change the UI — and, most importantly, the UX — to make the sale funnel shorter and more effective.

03.04.2019 Featured Post 940 views 6 min

How We Increased Offline Sales by Connecting a Mobile Retail Platform to Brick-and-Mortar Stores with Location-Based Notifications

To drive offline sales through the mobile app experience, we implemented location-based push notifications for our retail client. Read about how we implemented this feature and what challenges we encountered. Thanks to our quality assurance experts and lots of research on the part of our developers, we were able to increase both time spent in the app and the retention rate.

28.02.2019 Featured Post 677 views 4 min

Development Experience: Flutter vs React Native

Flutter and React Native are cross-platform frameworks that were developed by two tech giants as technologies to power apps of the future. Flutter is young compared to the more mature React Native, but both are still new on the market and have every chance of becoming the most widely used framework. I decided to create a small and simple project in both Flutter and React Native and share my impressions with you.

26.02.2019 Featured Post 2591 views 7 min

Overcoming Inconsistencies in a Logistics App: Connecting Native Features with a React Native Module

We’ve been working with a large European logistics company for three years, building and supporting their customer-facing mobile app. In this case study, we describe how we set up efficient communication between customers and the client’s support team via a chatbot integrated with the Salesforce platform.

31.01.2019 Featured Post 735 views 3 min

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