How Much Does It Cost to Make a Shopping App in 2018?

The cost to develop a shopping app is pretty high. But in the modern world it can be even more expensive for an online retailer not to create one. In this article we’ll discuss a budget you’ll need for a ecommerce mobile app and the return of your investments expressed in increased revenue and customers’ loyalty.


How to Use Gamification in Ecommerce Mobile Apps Like AliExpress

Are games just for kids? The trend of gamification in retail apps proves they aren’t! Adults enjoy games just as much, especially when they offer bonuses. In this article we’ll tell you how to increase your revenue significantly by implementing gamification into your ecommerce mobile app on Aliexpress example.

How To Make Your Mobile Solution GDPR-Compliant

Оn May 25, 2018 GDPR came into force. Still, very few companies are ready to meet the requirements. Mobile applications get lots of data from customers, and it is very important to make sure the data is handled according to GDPR. In this article we’ll show you 7 steps of making your mobile solution GDPR compliant.

Tips on Implementing In-App Purchases to Monetize Your App

People gladly spend real money on virtual goods in their favorite mobile applications. This is called in-app purchasing, and it’s one of the best mechanisms for monetizing your app. In this article we’ll discuss industries that use in-app purchases and provide a working way to integrate them into a mobile app.

How to Monetize Your App with Mobile Ads and Not Fail

According to E-marketer, by 2019 mobile advertising will represent 72% of digital ad spending in the United States. However, if the ads are too intrusive, this may harm your mobile app’s retention rate. In this article we’ll discuss monetizing mobile apps with ads and not scaring all users away.

How to Create an NFC App for Android

NFC is a technology mostly used in banking, and often developers create NFC payment apps for business. However, there are countless ways to use it, and you can be really creative with it. No wonder it is gaining popularity among users and developers, as it’s present in most modern mobile devices. In this article I’ll show you how to build an NFC application and be a bit creative with it.

Learn From the Best: Top 3 Medical Apps for Patients and Doctors

There are over 2 million healthcare-related mobile apps on the app stores. There are applications for workouts, health management, childcare, contacting doctors, and more. To build a medical app that will stand this competition, you need to choose your niche and know it well.

Top 4 Most Popular Types of Applications for Disabled People

Apps are changing the way we interact, communicate, develop and live as a society. Disabled populations are part of this shared society and integrating them in the most seamless manner possible is a shared task, a shared responsibility.

M-Learning: Types of Educational Apps and Development Tips

Long gone are the times when a person could learn one skill and work in one field for their whole life. Today, the world is more dynamic than ever. People require knowledge to pursue better professional opportunities and for their own pleasure. E-learning gives the opportunity to get new skills anytime and anywhere using modern teaching methodologies.