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agile software development contract

Software Development Contract: Types and Main Points to Include

In this article, we shed light on signing a perfect software development contract. Find out what key points are crucial for a win-win contract.

15.04.2021 Featured Post 18 views 9 min

Webinar How to Launch an eCommerce Mobile App

Join our free webinar for eCommerce and retail business owners who want to launch a mobile app and are looking for a software development vendor.

05.04.2021 Featured Post 79 views 2 min
what is a development consultant

IT Consulting: What It Means and How It Can Help Your Business

Tech expertise is something almost every business needs, and with IT consultancy, it’s easier than ever to acquire it. Learn about IT consulting and how it can help your business achieve any tech-related and business goals

02.04.2021 Featured Post 52 views 10 min

Mobile App Testing Techniques: Everything You Need to Know

People spend a lot of time on mobile apps per day, but that doesn’t mean people use just any app that’s available. The majority of their time is spent in the best apps. Sluggishness, inconvenient UI/UX, or constant problems with business logic leads to uninstallment.

31.03.2021 Featured Post 2518 views 8 min

How To Develop a Mobile App for Your Logistics Enterprise

Logistics enterprises face many challenges, and being effective means beating your competitors and сoming out on top. Driver management application helps to optimize delivery times, routes, and the order of work processes. All this can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars and improve their service. A logistics app can help you coordinate warehouse drivers and workers in real time.

30.03.2021 Featured Post 2176 views 9 min

React Native vs Flutter. What to Choose for Your Next Project

Though the mobile market is more stable and standardized than it used to be, new languages, frameworks, and libraries continue to emerge. React Native started a revolution in cross-platform development when it came out. Now Flutter is the new kid on the block. What is Flutter about, how is it different from React Native, and should you choose it for your next development project? Find out in this article.

29.03.2021 Featured Post 4781 views 8 min

What’s The Cost To Maintain and Support An App in 2021?

Just like a house, software will fall into decay without maintenance. With mobile apps this process is faster, however, as the technology, market, and user expectations change every couple of months. Having a mobile app isn’t a result; it’s a process. In this article, I’ll show you the process of maintaining your mobile software

29.03.2021 Featured Post 1052 views 8 min

How to Develop an App for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology of the future that’s already becoming reality. Its possibilities for health, agriculture, manufacturing, and daily life are crazier than anything a sci-fi writer of the last century could have imagined. Mobile apps will be a point of connection for many IoT devices, and in this article we explore how to build an IoT app of the future.

26.03.2021 Featured Post 6163 views 9 min
wearable technology in logistics

IT Technology Trends Driving Logistics in 2021

In this article, we discuss the most popular IT technology trends in logistics that will be on the rise in 2021.

26.03.2021 Featured Post 91 views 9 min
how to setup a webrtc server

WebRTC Technology for Video Streaming App Development: Use Cases and Best Practices

In this article, we discuss how WebRTC technology is used in apps. Find out why WebRTC is one of the most popular choices for developing video streaming purposes.

23.03.2021 Featured Post 88 views 9 min
what is flutter developer

How to Hire Flutter App Developers in 2021

Flutter is a relatively young technology that took the mobile market by storm. Now large and small companies alike are looking to develop Flutter apps and save money. But Flutter developers are still rather rare

23.03.2021 Featured Post 88 views 13 min
google maps api free alternative

Best Map API for Location-Based Services: Mapbox vs Google Maps vs OpenStreetMap

In this article, we compare the three most popular mapping services: Mapbox, Google Maps, and OpenStreetMap. Find out which is best for your project.

10.03.2021 Featured Post 128 views 9 min

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