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top 10 dating apps

Top 10 Dating Apps in 2020

Mobile dating app market is full of differnt and unique apps. In this article I’ll compare 10 best dating apps of 2020. You’ll find out what statistics can tell about the dating app market.

30.03.2020 Featured Post 36 views 8 min

20 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for Android & iOS in 2020

Are you trying to decide how to test your mobile app? Maybe you’re lost among the dozens of mobile app testing tools and don’t know which to choose? If so, then this article with a complete list of best testing tools for both Android and iOS is for you.

26.03.2020 Featured Post 3308 views 6 min
best real estate app developers

How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App for Your Needs

The real estate market is full of competition. To get ahead of your competitors, you try different strategies. You might improve your service, attract real estate agents to your website, and add new offers. Another thing you might try is creating a mobile application and creating value your competitors can only dream of.

26.03.2020 Featured Post 1726 views 10 min

10 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools with Comparison

How can you improve your application and get people to enjoy it more? For this you’ll need to become an explorer and see what your users are doing – then you’ll be able to find out what works and what doesn’t.

25.03.2020 Featured Post 2377 views 9 min
Real Estate Blockchain Development

How to Use a Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate

If you’re wondering what a blockchain is and if it will be useful for your real estate business, this article is for you. I’ll explain how a blockchain works, who successfully uses blockchains, and what benefits a blockchain offers to commercial real estate companies.

25.03.2020 Featured Post 44 views 6 min
developing enterprise mobile applications

Enterprise App Development: What Strategy to Choose?

Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to optimize their internal operations, communicate more effectively with partners and clients, and set up workflows for their staff. Enterprise app development has become an answer for lots of companies. Learn how mobile technology can help your business.

24.03.2020 Featured Post 54 views 7 min
app development cost breakdown

Top 7 Biggest Hidden Costs of Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile application can be expensive. It’s common to spend more than expected. In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of possible hidden costs of mobile app development.

24.03.2020 Featured Post 79 views 7 min
how to use symfony framework php

Symfony vs Yii2 PHP Frameworks Comparison Based on Real Cases

In this article, I’ll compare two PHP web frameworks (Symfony and Yii2) based on my experience developing two systems that are functionally quite similar but that were made by different teams.
In both teams, I took an active part in developing both the architecture and core business logic of the application.

24.03.2020 Featured Post 104 views 8 min

How to Build a Marketplace Mobile App and Make It Reliable

The biggest retail giants in the world are marketplaces. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba… these are just a few of them. These platforms help people sell and buy goods. They handle advertising and marketing and provide an audience for merchants and a big choice of products for buyers. How can you build a marketplace app and what should you watch out for? Find out in this article.

24.03.2020 Featured Post 1488 views 10 min

How to Build a Dating App Like Tinder, Lovoo, and Badoo and Succeed on the Dating App Market

Want to create a top grossing app? Dating apps are among the most profitable apps on the App Store and Google Play. Tinder, Badoo, and other worldwide leaders have set a high standard for dating app development

20.03.2020 Featured Post 77 views 9 min
flutter test command

Flutter Automated Testing. Step-by-Step Guide

Flutter is a new technology with great potential. More and more developers are starting to use Flutter for app development. But the technology is relatively young, and the community is still growing. Sometimes it’s hard for developers to find answers to their Flutter-related questions. In this article, we’ll talk about automated testing of Flutter apps

27.02.2020 Featured Post 181 views 13 min
How to make an app like tiktok

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like TikTok?

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past few years, you’ve probably heard about the TikTok app. If you want to find out why TikTok is so successful, what features a TikTok-like app needs, and how much it would cost to make an app like TikTok, keep on reading.

25.02.2020 Featured Post 170 views 9 min

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