How Much Does It Cost to Make a Shopping App in 2018?

According to stats, 50% of online shoppers use their mobile phones to make purchases, and 54% of that traffic comes from mobile apps. That’s why not having an app may cost you a big chunk of your revenue. In this article we’ll tell you about the cost of a shopping mobile app, decompose functional requirements and explain why each part is essential for your business growth.

How to Use Gamification in Ecommerce Mobile Apps Like AliExpress

Gamification will be worth $2.8 BN over the next 2 years, as more and more retailers use it to increase their revenue. According to studies, gamification made user engagement grow 47%. We were so excited about it that we decided to analyse the success of the Aliexpress shopping app — one of the best examples of gamification in modern retail.

Mobile Retail: How to Save Money with Push Notifications

Large businesses spend up to $10.000 per month to outreach their customers with SMS and email. We have a better solution that costs almost nothing and boasts high retention rate just like SMS — push notifications. In this article we’ll show you how much money you can save by just implementing push notifications into your mobile app and enjoy its benefits.

iOS 12 Review: Release Date and New Features

The beginning of summer is a time of year all tech lovers wait for, as many big companies present devices and technologies they’ve been working on the whole year. In 2018, the world will see the new iOS 12. We can make some assumptions about what it will look like as the developer preview of iOS 12 is already available. In this article, we take a look at what Apple has prepared for us.

Android P Review: Best Features in the New Version of Android

The new version of Android is finally out! It seems that Android 8 was only just released, but we can’t wait to see the new Android P 9.0. Three of the main focuses in the new Android OS are simplicity, digital well-being, and intelligence. In this article, we’ll explore new features for users and also tools for developers that will allow them to create stunning apps.

How To Develop a Mobile App for Your Logistics Enterprise

Logistics enterprises face many challenges, and being effective means beating your competitors and сoming out on top. Driver management application helps to optimize delivery times, routes, and the order of work processes. All this can save a company thousands or even millions of dollars and improve their service. A logistics app can help you coordinate warehouse drivers and workers in real time.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Shopping App in 2018?

The cost to develop a shopping app is pretty high. But in the modern world it can be even more expensive for an online retailer not to create one. Competition in the ecommerce market is intense, and a mobile app can be a major advantage for your business since more and more people are using smartphones to shop online, and retail is shifting to mobile commerce or mCommerce for short.

How to make a mobile app for offline retail

It’s easy to imagine what benefits a mobile application can bring to an ecommerce business. However, the advantages of offline-first web and mobile apps are not so obvious. In this article we tell you how to attract customers to your brick-and-mortar stores and how to optimize your employees’ work with the help of mobile technology.

health insurance mobile app

How To Deliver Health Insurance via Mobile Apps

While we enjoy the benefits of mobile applications in many aspects of our lives, healthcare is lagging. We still run into the same tiresome and inconvenient red tape that could be eliminated with the help of mobile solutions. Let’s find out how health insurance mobile apps can actually make it cool.