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Our expertise

We love challenges. And our clients love to provide them. We understand that it’s a perfect match when we get to be creative and come up with a cost-effective and savvy technical solution that will be useful for people. Our expertise allows us to build great solutions for great businesses. Here’s how we do it.

Key Facts

8 years of experience

45,600+ work hours

130+ completed projects

90+ clients

80% of the customers recommend us

43% of clients return for another projects

Our Goals

Delivering apps people enjoy

Helping businesses increase revenue a and add value

Creating applications that last

iOS app development

Our iOS development team builds top-notch iOS applications according to Apple’s guidelines. We follow iOS development best practices and apply different approaches to development depending on the specifics of each project. The Mobindustry team creates beautiful native iOS apps for the complete range of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.


Swift is a young programming language we use to build modern top-notch iOS apps


Objective-C once was the main programming language for iOS, but in new apps it’s replaced in most cases with Swift


In 2017, Apple presented a great tool that allows developers to integrate augmented reality into mobile apps


WatchKit is a framework that we use to build great apps for Apple Watch


We integrate trained machine learning tools into mobile apps with CoreML to enhance user experience and give businesses new opportunities


iMessage allows users to send messages, share media, and even make payments via iMessages without leaving your app

Apple Pay

We integrate Apple Pay into mobile applications to allow users to make quick and secure payments from any iOS device

In-app purchases

We implement all kinds of in-app purchases using App Store Connect so that you can monetize your mobile business


Apple lets developers create widgets for their apps to give users quicker access to core application functionality


If you want to allow users to make calls right from your app, our team can use CallKit to integrate calling services into your application


We use CoreData to manage the complex structure of our mobile apps efficiently — it makes our applications maintainable and flexible


Realm is a third-party database that we use as a quicker and simpler solution for our clients who don’t need all the features that CoreData provides


We use ReactiveCocoa, RXObjC and RXSwift as alternative programming paradigm to work with data streams and dynamic changes

Android app development

Mobindustry is an expert in native Android app development. We follow best practices to create high-quality, adaptable, and maintainable Android applications. While developing apps, we make sure they work properly on a huge variety of Android devices that run different hardware and software.


Kotlin is a young programming language that allows effective interaction within a developers team. We use it to build flexible and maintainable applications


Java is the universal programming language we use to develop solid mobile apps with few dependencies

Android SDK

Android SDK is a comprehensive set of tools we use in our work. It includes libraries, debuggers, emulators, API documentation, and sample source code


We use this powerful tool from Google for building voice- and text-based conversational interfaces used in voice apps and chatbots

Android Pay

We integrate Android Pay to provide an easy and fast payment gateway for users of our clients’ mobile apps

Voice Control

With voice control users of applications we develop get an ability to control apps with voice via Google Assistant, that can perform different useful actions


We have lots of experience choosing databases that suit the particular needs of an app. In Android, we usually choose among Room, Realm, ORMLite, and SQLite

Mobile analytics

Mobindustry cares deeply about our clients’ businesses and products. We believe that mobile analytics should be one of the core features of any application, no matter its goal. Mobile analytics gives important information not only about the quality of code but also about the user experience, user behavior, and how an app is acquiring new users and bringing in revenue.


Firebase offers lots of tools like Crashlytics and MLKit we use to build, test and support our apps. A/B testing, push notifications service and Google Analytics help us to boost our client’s business

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager to track user behavior and see which elements in your application work as they should and which confuse users or get ignored altogether


Crashlytics gives extensive data concerning the number of crashes and user activity. We use it also for real-time monitoring and statistics


Flurry analytics offers audience segmentation, funnel analysis, and user path tracking, that allows us to get valuable information about the app audience and send them personalized notifications

Market analytics

After the app is ready and analytics are integrated, it’s time to promote it on the app stores. We help with promoting apps on app stores  by working with Google Play Search Console and iTunes Connect

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