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Mobile fitness app for Instagram influencers

Turn your followers into paying subscribers with a custom mobile product

What you get from your own fitness app

Additional income

Additional income

Create your own workout and nutrition programs and give access to paid subscribers.

Personal brand

Personal brand

Establish your brand and reputation as an expert in the fitness industry.

Audience outreach

Audience outreach

Don’t let your news get lost in your followers’ feeds. Communicate directly with your audience using push notifications.

Platform for sales

Platform for sales

No more messing with orders in DMs. Sell products through a mobile app with a convenient catalog, ordering, and payments.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Get to know your target audience better and use this knowledge to improve your content. Average time in the app, the most-used features, and demographics data will tell you a lot.

Plan B

Plan B

Gain independence from a platform you can’t influence and get full control over your own app, its content, and your future.

Best features for your fitness app

Training video instructions

Demonstrate your workout for others to follow. Create programs catered to your audience and provide clear instructions as a fitness expert.

Nutrition calendar

Diet is 80% of success in fitness, so give your users a tool to manage their nutrition.

Private chat & challenges

Give your users a challenge and allow premium subscribers to start a private chat with you to share their achievements and ask for advice.

Get the features list

Online shop

Sell your products, sports food, clothing, and merch in your own mobile shop with a convenient catalog, payment gateway, and list of favorites.

Push notifications

Connect to your users by sending them push notifications about new classes, products, live streams, and more.

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Our work process

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Get more info on developing your app

Download our presentation on fitness app development for Instagram influencers. What you’ll get:

• Estimate of your potential revenue depending on your number of subscribers

• Estimate of the development time

• Detailed set of features

How much can you earn?


Wondering if making an app is worth the effort? Learn about the average income you can get from your fitness app

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