Mobindustry is an ambitious team of mobile app development professionals who create great native apps for Android and iOS. We offer mobile solutions for mid-sized and large businesses and have extensive expertise building ecommerce, delivery, social media, and location-based apps as well as secure messaging services.

Who is Mobindustry?

Mobindustry is an ambitious team of mobile app development professionals who create great native apps for Android and iOS. We offer mobile solutions for mid-sized and large businesses and have extensive expertise building ecommerce, delivery, social media, and location-based apps as well as secure messaging services.

Mobindustry’s production team loves technical tasks that challenge their engineering skills. Our goal is not only to build a technically excellent app with a great user interface and user experience but also to make it work for the business.

Contacts: +44 203 808 26 98

Key facts

Founded: 2010
Work hours: 45,600+
Completed projects: 130+
Clients: 90+
Average rating on Clutch: 4.9/5.0
Recommended by: 80% of the customers
Returning clients: 43%

How we work

Our development team uses an Agile methodology to develop great products. While the development process is flexible and depends on the project, there’s always a common flow that consists of these steps:

Step 1: Product vision

At Mobindustry, we take your idea and approach it from a product perspective. A product manager figures out what main features your app needs to become a stunning product. We use our experience in the mobile app market to make your idea work better as a final product.

Step 2: Preliminary estimate

A project manager roughly estimates your project as quickly as possible. On average it takes 2-3 days to make a preliminary estimate, but the time highly depends on the project’s size and complexity. This is the first step that allows you to understand whether Mobindustry is the right company for you.

Step 3: Business analysis

At this stage, our business analyst dives deep into your project and connects your expectations to technical capabilities. The business analyst breaks down the product into components and examines how they work together.

Step 4: Technical specification

Based on thorough analysis, the business analyst creates a detailed technical specification that includes:

  • Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Operating system versions that the app will support
  • Databases and servers
  • Future support
  • API documentation
  • Provisioning profiles
  • Analytics
  • Business logic
  • Technologies
  • Features

Step 5: Wireframes

After thorough analysis of the requirements, the business analyst will be able to create wireframes—a big plan of your application that shows transitions between screens and demonstrates the business logic. Wireframes help developers to understand what features they need to implement.

Step 6: Developer estimate

At this stage, Mobindustry’s development team will be able to tell how many hours it will take to implement each feature. This will then be used to arrive at a total estimate and determine a precise delivery date.

Step 7: Contract

After all development issues are settled and the team is ready to work, it’s time to seal the deal and sign a contract with Mobindustry. The contract will include the terms and conditions of your collaboration with us and guaranteed deadlines.

Step 8: Design

The next step is designing the application and making it pleasant both to look at and to use. Our UI/UX designers can make your app not only look great but also meet your business needs. A user-friendly interface is the highest priority when it comes to design.

Step 9: Development

Each implemented feature is thoroughly tested by Mobindustry’s QA specialists. This process repeats until each feature is bug-free. The development process is Agile, so you can make changes as it goes on and deсide on the priorities for each iteration.

Step 10: Release to the app store

When your application is finally ready, it’s time to show it to the world. We release your app and handle all aspects of app store optimisation (ASO) to bring your app to the top in search results.

Step 11: Maintenance and support

After the app is released, it will need to be maintained. We provide all kinds of support from fixing bugs and updating apps to implementing new features.

What we know

Our development team combines experience in trusted technologies and enthusiasm in exploring new ones. With this mix, our team is able to create solid native mobile apps for Android and iOS that will meet your business needs and also make your app stand out from the crowd.

iOS app development

  • Objective-C (Xcode)
  • Swift
  • C/C++
  • iOS SDK

Android app development

  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • Kotlin


  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C# .NET
  • C#
  • PHP


  • EntityFramework, AFNetworking, Butterknife, DataBinding, Google Maps, ORMLite, SugarORM, MapKit, UlKit, Collection Framework, Java Core, Firebase, Glide, Renderscript, Yii/Yii2, Laravel
  • PJSUA/PJSIP/JNSIP (jniLibs), Picasso, Retrofit, DI(dagger2)
  • MySQL, SQLite, Oracle 11g

Architectural patterns:


What we do

Mobindustry provides a full range of services connected to app development and product growth.


We provide consultations with technical professionals who can give you advice on your app from the technical and functional points of view. This consultation will allow you to understand what technologies, libraries, and databases are best suited for your project. A technical consultant can help you to understand how your needs can be met technically during the first stages of app development.

Product management

We strive for a product that meets your goals and your customers’ needs. We don’t merely develop products. We care about the results even when the development is over.

Product management helps you to determine your main competitors, examine the market, and identify best practices that will help you enter and gain a foothold in the market. Product management includes:

  • Market and competition research
  • Business consulting

Maintenance and support

We offer maintenance and support as one of our primary services. Mobindustry’s team pays constant attention to the product, which shows that they really focus on making the product great and enjoyable to use. Maintenance includes:

  • Bug fixing
  • Updates
  • Customer support

Product marketing

Even the greatest and most useful product won’t bring profit to its users or owners if nobody knows about it. We take marketing seriously. Our team not only develops great products and helps with their promotion but also finds creative ways to describe them in the app stores.
App Store Optimization (go-to-market strategy)
User acquisition strategy

Mobile app development

Mobile app development is what Mobindustry is great at. We aren’t just developers: our professionals offer the best solutions and really care about delivering the highest quality product. Everything from business analysis to quality assurance is dedicated to this goal. These are the components of the mobile app development process:

  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Technical specifications
  • UI/UX design
  • Native Android & iOS development
  • Quality assurance

IT outstaffing

If you don’t need a full in-house team but only a developer (or a few), Mobindustry is ready to provide that as well. Mobindustry’s developers are available for your projects and their professional experience and quality of work is guaranteed.

Key expertise

Mobindustry has extensive expertise in a few domains:

  • Healthcare
  • M-commerce
  • Location-based apps
  • Retail
  • Job search
  • Sports
  • Dating
  • Social media

Reviews and portfolio

Since the company’s founding, Mobindustry has created over 100 projects for all kinds of clients from startups to multi-million dollar businesses. Here you can see some of the projects we’ve completed and what clients have thought about them after our collaboration.


Allo is the biggest online and offline electronics retailer in Ukraine. It has over 100 physical shops around the country. We developed an app for Allo that resulted in higher revenues and more effective user acquisition. The app features fast payment, a comprehensive catalog, and advanced product filters.

Testimonial: “Mobindustry proved to be a proactive and business-oriented agency.”

Konstantin Avilov
CIO of Allo, Ukraine


Triposo is a travel guide app that allows you to download and use maps offline. It features lots of details about different locations, including tours, and lets you share them with others. Triposo has been one of the biggest technical challenges for Mobindustry, as our team had to implement offline maps and a complex distribution system for maps of different regions.

Testimonial: “Mobindustry is hands down the best provider for mobile app development. We have been successfully working on the Android version of our project with the help of their amazing team. Highly recommended.”

Richard Osinga
Founder and COO of Triposo, the Netherlands

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