A Web Application for Lawyers

An AI-driven tool for analyzing and managing legal documents
lawyer app
Total time of
4,500 hours
Team members
4 engineers
Legal services
Time before MVP
3,000 hours

Our input

Business analysis
Business analysis
UI/UX design
UI/UX design
Android/iOS development
Android/iOS development
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Project management
Project management

The Client

Our client is a legal startup that wanted to outsource development to professional web developers with expertise in document scanning software and artificial intelligence (AI).

Project idea

Our client had a vision of a product that would move all work with legal documents online. This product would allow lawyers to compare contracts, assess contract risks, sign contracts online, and store contracts in a digital repository. 


Scoring documents was the core idea of this project; however, during the business analysis phase, we came up with an idea to provide all the functionality needed for lawyers to work with documents fully online.


For the minimum viable product (MVP), we chose these features:


  • Company profiles
  • Role management
  • Subscription management
  • User management
  • Contract modelling
  • Risk scoring
  • Attaching links to documents
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document editing
  • Contract link sharing
  • Document storage and management


In later versions of the app, we plan to add these features: 


  • Search through SharePoint
  • Contract summaries
  • Contract templates
  • Document export
  • Document template management 
  • Phone number validation for e-signatures

Project background

Our client decided to create an online platform for analyzing, managing, and scoring legal documents. For this, they needed web development expertise, as the startup founder had no technical background.  



  • Create an accurate risk assessment algorithm
  • Make contracts highly customizable
  • Make the platform convenient for clients who interact with partners that don’t use the platform
  • Allow users to organize their work within the platform according to their company’s structure
  • Enable convenient document search


To assess risks in contracts, we implemented a system that considers details of contracts such as different legal aspects (e.g. laws of a particular country or state) with the help of AI.


For contract customization, we added contract templates, models, and variables that users can adjust according to their needs. For example, users can change the number of rental days. 


To help our client’s customers work with their partners, we implemented contract link sharing. This allows a person to receive, review, and even sign a contract even if they don’t use the platform. 


We implemented roles and role management so our client’s customers can use the platform to collaborate with their colleagues. Roles are differentiated by their level of access to documents.


To make searching through documents convenient for users, we connected to SharePoint using an official API. This allowed us to implement smart search across both the platform and SharePoint itself and show results in categories like templates, contracts, and signatures. 

We also added a QR code scanner so users can forget about carrying membership cards with them. With our client’s app, customers can now check in to the gym with a mobile phone, and the system will automatically register the visit.

Development process and results

Because our client came to us with only a vision for the product, we offered business analysis services right away. The final documentation with technical specifications and wireframes was large, so we decided to extract the most important features for the MVP. 


For this project, we chose fast and functional web technologies that would allow us to create a high-performance platform. For payments, we integrated Stripe and helped our client set up analytics so they could effectively track their revenue. 




After the MVP was released, we collected feedback from our client and the first users. Based on this feedback, we were able to improve the user experience design and add a few features to the platform. For example, we integrated a live support chat to the platform using Intercom. 


The team that worked on this project comprised: 


  • 2 web developers (frontend and backend)
  • 1 business analyst
  • 1 quality assurance specialist
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 designer

Risk assessment

We created a special algorithm to assess contract risks depending on different legal aspects. This feature helps users in negotiations.


Contract management

This set of features allows users to create templates and contract models as well as to quickly build contracts from different modules.


Role management

This feature allows users to assign roles to their colleagues and control access to documents and contracts.


Smart search

Advanced search helps users easily find contracts, signatures, templates, and other items in the repository. The search feature also has access to SharePoint.


Contract management

An advanced text editor and a system of variables allows users to alter contracts. Templates and modules make contract creation easy and fast.



Technologies we used

my sql

What our client said about this project

legal services web app
Ramon Rhymes
Founder & CEO, Contracts Rx, USA
They’re able to stop conflicts from happening on an architectural level.