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Electronics Retail App


Mobile ecommerce app to promote and sell various products

Reviewing and ordering products

The app provides access to the Allo online marketplace, allows to compare products and place orders

Locating nearest stores

It is possible to find the nearest stores and search products by location

Receiving news and promotions

All the latest news, promotions and new arrivals are now accessible from users’ devices

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Free app delivering complete purchasing experience for Allo online and offline store customers

Now users are able to shop, get all related services & products and learn about discounts and promotions using this native Allo app.

If user plans to visit an Allo store, this app will help to locate the nearest one using the in-built interactive map.

Besides an easy-to-use mobile-adapted marketplace, users can read all all product reviews and news right in the Allo app.

We have implemented

The client has one of the leading online marketplaces for electronics and a number of other products and related services in Ukraine. At some point, the project of reaching customers via mobile experience was incepted and MobIndustry was selected to implement it.

The project supposed building the mobile app Android and iOS versions providing ecommerce and brand communication functionality.

After the first app versions were delivered and usage statistics analyzed, our team participated in several discussion rounds, which resulted in a series of user and customer experience improvements. This stage brought not only technology changes, but also some business process fine-tuning to support the omni channel strategy of the client..

Among produced solutions, our team integrated the WayForPay payment service, so users can pay orders directly in the app, and introduced TagManager, a powerful Google technology to collect, synchronize, and analyze usage statistics.


objective c
Objective C
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MVP architecture + Repository pattern
Retrofit 2
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DI Dagger2
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Architecture Components (LiveData)
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Chrome Tabs
digital transformation services
Firebase Services (Analytics, Remote Config, InappMessaging)
digital transformation services
Google Maps
digital transformation services
digital transformation services
OrmLite (database)
Facebook SDK

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