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Live wallpapers ios application

Media streaming

use the app features to stream video in a relaxing mode having fun with friends

Multilayered media content

complex video options allow creating perfect videos

Custom CMS

all gets customized to meet the needs


Live wallpapers ios application

Reward yourself with a relaxing moment and share with friends.

Play one of twelve films on your phone, tablet or TV screen for the perfect background setting and add your favorite music from iTunes.

We have implemented

From the very beginning, the main task was to build the app that perfectly fits into the client’s marketing campaign.
The main technical challenge on this project was a vide streaming and engaging and repeating seamless video playback with multiple layers and effects on it. We have taken an FFmpeg library for iOS which had to be significantly improved from its core (C++ core development required for that), to let the user see the endless video playback.


Android SDK

Flurry Analytics




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"We decided to chose Mobindustry as developers for this application because we were convinced that they are able to deliver the project on time and within the budget which was very important for our client. Thoughout the process I saw a great effort from the team and their commitment to delivering high-quality products. We were satisfied with results and decided to continue our cooperation on future projects."
Eugene Machulsky Sweden

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