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Mobile CV Builder

Pocket Resume

Custom CV Builder

PDF rendering technology

Create, share, and print resume as a PDF document using multiple style options

iCloud sync (iOS app)

Share CVs on all users’ devices

iPad view (iOS app)

Native iPad support


Mobile app to build and make a perfect CV

Pocket Resume is designed for users to create and share their resumes using iPhone, iPad Pro, Android or Blackberry devices. Users are now able to create and share an amazing PDF file in one moment or even create a website!

Pocket Resume makes the process of putting together all the details of the resume almost effortless. It does all the work in arranging a document and can convert it to a professional website.

With Pocket Resume, users enjoy unlimited zero signup hosting for creating PDFs and websites.

Users are able to:
* Create, share or print their resume (as a PDF document) and choose one of many style options.
* Publish their CV as a professional website without additional fees or signing up
* Share resumes for all devices via iCloud sync
* Change titles and arrangement of sections to meet personal needs.

We have implemented

Having the already promoted iOS app as a reference point, our team in Mobindustry developed the Pocket Resume app for both Android and Blackberry, applying the specific workflow and guidelines for these platforms.


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"We are through the first milestone and so far I am very pleased with my interactions with the Mobindustry. They are patient in explaining technicalities to me and responsive to each of my questions. I enjoy working with them and it's going very well."
Mani Ghasemlou Founder & Owner at Resume Builder for iOS, USA

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