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Image-based Social Platform

Shopaholic Zone

A social network for shoppers

Custom photo editing tools and camera row

Make photos and edit them easily

Social network integration

Share your experience with others and get an immediate feedback

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ongoing optimization to reduce bounce rate

Shopaholic: try on, like, share with friends

Shopaholic Zone is an Instagram-like application for people who love to go shopping.

It offers users a possibility to:

— create an album for each shopping session

— share new looks in social networks

— tag clothes, brands and visited shops

We have implemented

Shopaholic Zone is a Mobindustry own startup., Our goal was to make it as technically brilliant as possible.
Our team implemented:
— A custom camera screen (including filters and picture editor). We developed and made it work for all iOS and Android devices, which was quite challenging.
— An ability to work offline with no internet connection, having an internal events queue for asynchronous images sharing and publishing.
— A customized UI that fits all types of devices (tablets and phones).


Android SDK

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This app is for our beautiful Shopaholics! It was really fun to develop this app, and we hope you're gonna love it!
Mobindustry team Ukraine

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