Your DPD

Your DPD – Never miss a parcel delivery again!

Driver tracking

See your driver’s estimated arrival time so you know when to expect your parcel.

Apple Watch

Why not use the watch app to track your current delivery.

Personal delivery preferences

You select your preferences and we’ll make sure we follow your instructions every time!


Delivery application of a new generation

Your DPD lets you arrange the best possible delivery experience. Just tell us how and where to deliver from the range of options available and we’ll do the rest.

• Personal delivery preferences — if you’re not going to be in, you can use the DPD app to make sure you can still receive your parcels.

• 30-minute delivery alerts — we’ll let you know in advance when to expect delivery and when we are just 30 minutes away.

• Apple Watch — tracking parcels is now even easier on your watch with quick access to delivery updates using Complications and Glances.

• Active and previous deliveries — using your DPD app you can see a list of current deliveries and track when your parcels will be with you.

• Multiple addresses — set your work, home, or even family member’s address preference.

• Driver tracking — see the name and a picture of your driver or why not track their location and find out where you are in the delivery queue.

• In flight options — when we’re on our way to you, if your plans change you can still rearrange your delivery right up until we deliver your parcel.

• Pickup shops — if you’re collecting your parcel from a nearby DPD Pickup shop, get opening hours, your pickup pass for collection and directions from your delivery address.


We have implemented

Our team worked with PushNotifications via SpotzPush, created the Live chat with tech support by Salesforce and RestAPI for LiveAgentChat. We did global refactoring to eliminate MemoryLeaks and reduce memory consumption by the application.
We’ve received all requirements from the client and developed the app for GoogleWear, AppleWatch, Android and iOS version. Here are the ongoing iterative improvement and Agile approach. We work closely with a team of marketers on the client side in order to realize the maximum of what a business needs.The goal is to make mobile application a supplement to the main business of our client.







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