Code Audit Services

Learn all the ins and outs of your code for better security and reliability

What is a code audit?

A software code audit is an analysis of project code that gives you in-depth information on your software’s quality and reveals bugs and security risks.

Why you need a software audit

To check your software’s quality and scalability
To check your software’s quality and scalability
Check your code quality and make sure your infrastructure and technologies correspond to your product’s goals.
To make sure you invest in the right software
To make sure you invest in the right software
Make sure the third-party products you’re paying for are compatible with your existing software.

Benefits of a software audit

Get a strategy for improving your software

Get a strategy for improving your software

Detect existing and potential risks

Detect existing and potential risks

Eliminate security vulnerabilities

Eliminate security vulnerabilities

Validate current performance

Validate current performance

Make sure your software is scalable

Make sure your software is scalable

Learn about the scope of maintenance

Learn about the scope of maintenance

Remove spaghetti code and increase maintainability

Remove spaghetti code and increase maintainability

Verify compliance with modern development standards, guidelines, and best practices

Verify compliance with modern development standards, guidelines, and best practices

Audit services we provide

5 angles of your code analysis

code icon
Software code audits
analytics icon
Third-party service integration analysis
research icon
Software architecture reviews
security icon
Security audits that can include penetration testing
design icon
UI/UX design audits

Tools we use

We use a variety of modern automated services like SonarQube for code audits. We’ll choose a tool stack based on your project’s tech stack and size

Software audit process



During an interview, we learn about
your project,your audit
goals, your business objectives,
and your future plans.


Static code analysis

We assess your code as is and look
at potential security risks of your
source code.


Third-party services

We assess the functionality of
third-party services you use to find
out their capabilities and how they
correspond to your goals.


Action items

You’ll get a list of
recommendations for your code. In
this list, you’ll
see issues with your code that we suggest fixing. We’ll offer to refactor or completely
rewrite your code depending on its
current state.


Software architecture

We analyze your product’s
architecture and see how well
it fits your current and future goals.


Code inspection

After a series of tests, you get a list
of inconsistencies, bugs, and
security vulnerabilities.



You get information on how scalable your
product is in terms of functionality you might
add in the future.

How much does a code
audit cost?

These are the main factors that define the cost of a code audit:


  • Size of the project
  • Number of third-party services
  • Software аrchitecture


Average number of hours needed for a code audit according to your project’s size:

Note that we can provide a final estimate only after we assess your project.

cube icon
32–64 hours
web icon
32–64 hours
enterprise portal icon
Up to 140 hours

What you get as a result of a software audit

As the result of a software audit, you get a report on identified code issues. We define critical and non-critical issues and provide recommendations on how to manage them based on their priorities. We involve a project manager in the software audit process so you get clear non-technical explanations of issues in the software audit checklist.

Why Choose Mobindustry?

We’ve made a long journey to provide the best service for you
10 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the cource of 10 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 420,000 users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year


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Teun Bontrup
Owner of BontrupMedia, Netherlands

Together with the Mobindustry team, we developed our website and apps for AboutMyStyle and Fish-Pictures. They did the complete development and design. The guys from Mobi are honest and very professional.  I would definitely recommend Mobindustry, and hope we will continue our cooperation.

Martin Mileham
CEO at City of Perth

Working with the Mobindustry team has been an absolute pleasure. Not only were the technical skills of their team incredible, their ability to understand the objective of the project and add their own value based on previous work was priceless.

Eugene Machulsky
Grant, Sweden

We decided to choose Mobindustry as developers for our application because we were convinced that they are able to deliver the project on time and within the budget which was very important for our client. Throughout the process, I saw a great effort from the team and their commitment to delivering high-quality products. We were satisfied with the results and decided to continue our cooperation on future projects.

Jason Garabedian
CEO at GFYL Systems Inc, USA

Delivered exactly what I asked for with exceptional support. Received all the help I needed, no wasted time or effort, my dollars were put to good use. Always quick to respond to my email questions, comments, and requests, delivered the finished product on time. “

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