Mobile App Development Services for Startups

Power your business with a custom mobile application. We create both native and cross-platform applications for all types of devices, platforms and screens

Custom app development services we provide

Save time and budget on development and get a ready solution that we’ll customize according to your brand and business goals

Cross-platform Flutter apps
Go to market fast and save your budget for marketing by building a flexible app with a native feel.
iOS apps
Integrate your business into Apple’s ecosystem with a native iOS application.
Android apps
Open your business to the biggest mobile audience in the world.
Databases, infrastructure
Get a robust infrastructure that’s easy to maintain, expand, and customize according to your business needs.
UI/UX design
Drive conversions and engagement through the flawless experience of using your app
Get a clear plan for your business growth with a mobile solution that’s most suitable for your needs, budget and objectives
Code audit
Get the in-depth information about your current software and recommendations on its improvement
App maintenance and support
Make sure your app is up to date with timely updates to OS, fixes and new functionality
API integration
Power your application with third-party solutions that give you instant out-of-the-box functionality and connection with the worldwide digital infrastructure
Quality Assurance
Get a high-quality app with great performance, usability and security

Level up your mobile app game

Invest into advanced mobile technologies for business automation, killer performance and unique features
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Create your own ecosystem by pairing IoT devices with your mobile solutions.
Machine learning
Machine learning
Open new possibilities to improve your service with machine learning technologies.
Use the power of wearables in your fitness, health, insurance and wellness projects
Tap into the hottest technology of our age for secure data storage and exchange

Why choose Mobindustry as your provider of mobile app development services?

Experienced native and cross-platform developers
Experienced native and cross-platform developers
Get developers with 2 to 5 years of experience and university degrees
Dedicated team
Dedicated team
Get expertise from BA, PM, UI/UX, and QA specialists
Carefully analyzed requirements
Carefully analyzed requirements
Get exactly what you need for your business goals
Continuous integration
Continuous integration
Get a flexible and scalable project fast
Perfect architecture
Perfect architecture
Get the best tech solution for your goals and constant server support
Agile methodology
Agile methodology
Test your software in the real world and make changes as you go
Quality control and transparency
Quality control and transparency
Get weekly reports and stay updated at all times
Native development background
Native development background
All our developers have experience with native mobile technologies
Ability to expand your team any time
Ability to expand your team any time
Add more experts to your dedicated team or outstaff developers to your own in-house development team
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Schedule an expert session with Mobindustry’s mobile app developers

Our leading experts in mobile app design and development services can consult you on technologies, architectural patterns, infrastructure, third-party solutions, and functionality that suits your business needs and the latest market trends

The application development team of Mobindustry

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iOS, Android, Flutter developers

Builds native and cross-platform applications and creates automated tests for them

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UI/UX designer

Gathers user requirements and does user research to then build an intuitive and straightforward application design that’s easy to use and pleasant to look at

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Business analyst

Translates your business needs and goals into concrete technical requirements and suggests the best set of features and functionality

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Backend developers

Prepare the infrastructure and develop functionality according to requirements

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Project manager

Makes sure the project is delivered on time and within budget and handles communication between stakeholders and other team members

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Quality assurance specialist

Runs various tests to ensure that software is developed according to the requirements in the technical specification and works correctly

Tech stack for application development

Native mobile app development services and cross-platform solutions

ios sdk
Android SDK
entity framework
java core
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glide icon
Java Collection framework
google maps
orm lite

Mobile app development process at Mobindustry

0. Kick-off

  • Interview with a business analyst and/or a UI/UX designer — determine your project vision and business needs and turn them into specific requirements
  • Estimate for the discovery stage — learn how much time our experts will need to perform market and competitor analysis and create a technical specification for your project

1. Code audit for existing projects

If you already have software, we check its code quality, security, and scalability so we can find the optimal way to expand or improve your current software without any integration issues.

2. Discovery phase

  • Define goals and success criteria — we learn about your business and the main things you want to achieve with your new mobile app
  • Customer journey map — a customer-oriented approach allows us to provide user-friendly software that solves particular issues efficiently
  • UX concept & wireframes — we reflect all possible scenarios of user interactions with your software in wireframes and UX design
  • Project delivery plan development — as a result of a discovery phase, you get a full set of documentation that provides a clear plan for each member of your development team
  • API integrations – connect third-party services like social media login, maps, payment gateways and libraries to your mobile solution

3. UI/UX design

  • Style guides — your new software design will be consistent with your current brand style
  • Prototyping — see how your mobile app looks in action with animations
  • Mockups — look at all finalized elements of your design put together

4. Development

  • Frontend and backend development — we develop the client and server sides of your product according to specifications
  • API integration — we integrate third-party services like payment gateways, maps, and social networks

5. Quality assurance

  • Functional testing — we check if your mobile app corresponds to predetermined requirements
  • Usability testing — representative users give feedback on how user-friendly your product is
  • Performance testing — we check how your mobile app performs under a certain workload
  • Security testing — we reveal any potential security issues early and protect your data

6. Deployment and launch

  • App store submissions — we submit your app to the Google Play Store, App Store, and other app markets according to their guidelines and rules
  • App Store approval — your app is checked, approved and finally released for users
  • Analytics setup — we make sure you can collect valuable data on your users, marketing, and performance from your app

7. Maintenance and support

  • Releasing updates and fixes — we make sure your mobile solution and all of its components are up to date at all times
  • New feature implementation — as you learn about your users’ needs over time, we reflect those needs in new features in your app
  • OS and library updates — as new operating system and library versions come out, we update your software for better performance and compatibility

Choose the perfect type of contract for your app development project

Fixed price

The fixed price model assumes that your project is thoroughly planned and estimated, and that both the price and the scope of work stay unchanged. This model is best suited for relatively small and short projects with final, defined requirements

Time and materials

According to the time and materials (T&M) model, you pay for the time the team spends on building your project. This is a flexible model that allows for changes according to your current needs

Dedicated development team

A dedicated development team is suitable for businesses that want more flexibility and control over the whole development process. The pricing with a dedicated development team is the same as with the time and materials model; however, you get the whole team under your full or partial management

Custom mobile app development case studies

sanbuk service marketplace
Sanbuk – Adventure and experience booking application
Our team built a mobile marketplace platform for booking adventure and experience services, from exciting trips and courses to activities and resorts
logistics app development case study
Commercial Logistics Application
A customer-facing native app for tracking and managing parcels
Ecommerce application development case study
Allo – a large ecommerce platform for electronics
This is a free native app for purchasing electronics and ordering delivery to your address or one of 250 offline stores

Other types of apps we build

Save time and budget on development and get a ready solution that we’ll customize according to your brand and business goals

We’ve gone on a long journey
to provide you with the best service

12 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the course of 12 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 3 million users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year

Our awards and recognition

clutch Top 1000 Companies 2022 Mobindustry Top app developer 2023 Clutch Top Flutter developer Clutch 2023 top app modernization services clutch - mobindustry softwareworld badge goodfirms badge

What our clients say about us

Ramon Rhymes
Founder & CEO, Contracts Rx

They helped build the business architecture and they were just phenomenal at that — their process was crazy. They’re just so in tune with what we’re talking about, that they’re able to stop conflicts from happening on an architectural level.

One of the biggest things about Mobindustry is there hasn’t been rework. We haven’t thrown something away and done something else over — we haven’t had waste and that’s highly unusual. There may be waste that I don’t know about, but it’s never come to me. There hasn’t been a direction that we took and had to reverse on, everything has just been well done.

Vitaly Zhabchik
Product Manager at Amcon Soft

We worked on a Calendar application with Mobindustry. Mobindustry handled the client-side of the app, while my team worked on the server-side. The Mobindustry team synced with my team and delivered everything on time and on budget.
The Mobindustry team followed a strict technical task meticulously, and when they encountered any inconsistencies in a technical task, they met us halfway through and solved issues without any additional costs.
I was impressed with the communication culture at Mobindustry. Project managers control the whole development process and inform about any issues before they become problems. This transparent and timely communication allowed us to have a smooth and organized development process.