Web App Development Services

We design, build and support scalable and robust web apps of any complexity. By partnering with Mobindustry, you get powerful web-based software that helps you optimize your operations, generate revenue and unlock new business opportunities.

Services we provide

Custom web app development
Custom web app development
Build a product that’s perfect for your target audience and business needs. We provide all specter of web app development services, from researching the market and creating a technical specification, to web development, quality assurance and project management
SaaS app development services
SaaS app development services
We create SaaS platforms of any complexity and for any platform. We will pick the most suitable architecture for your type of SaaS platform and run regular security audits so that your customers can fully rely on your product
Web app UI and UX design
Web app UI and UX design
Web apps we create are convenient to use and pleasant to look at. We use the latest UI and UX trends in web app development to make your interface intuitive no matter how complex and feature-rich your product is
Web app maintenance and support
Web app maintenance and support
We don’t abandon your app once it’s live. Get library updates, bug fixes security updates and new features for the best performance of your web application in years to come

Why web applications

What is web application development?

Full-stack web app development is creating software that runs on web servers, instead of local operating systems. Like websites, web apps are accessed via browser, but they allow endless possibilities for interacting with the content rather than just viewing it.
Why choose web app development services?

Сustom web app development services will get you an efficient web application for your business in shortest terms and within your budget. Our dedicated team of specialists will recommend most suitable technologies for your needs and support your product on each step of its developmen
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Benefits of web apps

cross platform


Unlike mobile apps, users don’t need to download them on their devices. Web apps work on desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and laptops

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Easy updates

Updating web apps live is easy, and once your user visits the app, the update will be there, without the need to download it

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No system requirements

Web apps work on any device, so you don’t need to test it on endless number of devices and worry about system requirements

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An average web development costs less compared to mobile development with the same functionality

Web development tech stack

Whether you need a high-load enterprise solution or a website for your business, our engineers can help you choose a scalable technology that’s perfect for your needs.

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Hire the best web developers for your needs

We will help you choose the right development stack depending on your web app size and goals: from lightweight frameworks for MVPs to highly functional technologies for enterprise

Custom web app development case studies

lawyer app
A Web Application for Lawyers
An AI-driven tool for analyzing and managing legal documents
technical specification for web application
Transforming a Web App Idea into an Advanced Technical Specification
Our client came to us with a great idea, and we made it into one of our best and most detailed technical specifications. Read our case study about when professional background and deep knowledge of market meets mobile expertise and technical background

Why Choose Mobindustry?

We’ve made a long journey to provide the best service for you
10 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the cource of 10 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 420,000 users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year


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Teun Bontrup
Owner of BontrupMedia, Netherlands

Together with the Mobindustry team, we developed our website and apps for AboutMyStyle and Fish-Pictures. They did the complete development and design. The guys from Mobi are honest and very professional.  I would definitely recommend Mobindustry, and hope we will continue our cooperation.

Martin Mileham
CEO at City of Perth

Working with the Mobindustry team has been an absolute pleasure. Not only were the technical skills of their team incredible, their ability to understand the objective of the project and add their own value based on previous work was priceless.

Eugene Machulsky
Grant, Sweden

We decided to choose Mobindustry as developers for our application because we were convinced that they are able to deliver the project on time and within the budget which was very important for our client. Throughout the process, I saw a great effort from the team and their commitment to delivering high-quality products. We were satisfied with the results and decided to continue our cooperation on future projects.

Jason Garabedian
CEO at GFYL Systems Inc, USA

Delivered exactly what I asked for with exceptional support. Received all the help I needed, no wasted time or effort, my dollars were put to good use. Always quick to respond to my email questions, comments, and requests, delivered the finished product on time. “

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and research are two most important stages of a web app development project, and they’re included into a discovery phase. During a discovery phase, you research the market and competitors, define your business goals and a target audience. Then, a business analyst helps you translate your goals into concrete technical specifications that include everything from features and a tech stack to development stages and people responsible for each part of the development process.