Digest #5: This blockchain platfom raised $450 million

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Hey! Read the news about Sony’s $3.6 billion purchase, Tesla’s new feature and Meta’s 3D avatars

AI writes music for Apple

This week Apple bought AI Music – a London-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to create music, including short melodies for radiostations and podcasts. Apple will most likely use it for their online workouts in Fitness+.

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Hololens 3 won’t happen?

The team is confused, Microsoft can’t deside on their strategy, and the Hololens 3 is cancelled because of it. The executives doubt that Hololens can be profitable, however, in Twitter Alex Kipman says that Hololens is doing fine. We’ll have to see whether it gets cancelled or not.

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Afraid of TikTok, huh, Zuck?

After the Meta’s stock lost over a quarter of its worth, Zuckerberg told Meta staff to focus more on video content. The competiton of TikTok is huge, and Meta is visibly struggling. Moreover, the people at Meta are starting to doubt the product, and Zuck needs to find ways to retain people, as their compensation depends heavily on stocks.

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Polygon raises half a billion $$$

Polygon is a blockchain platform that works with Ethereum, and this week they raised $450 million to scale the platform and create new technologies. As Polygon describes them, they’re similar to AWS services, but are aimed at Web 3.0.

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A service drone

Engineers from Switzerland trained a drone to guide a human that holds onto the rope. A drone constantly measures the rope tension and keeps it steady. This can work as a replacement for a service dog for visually impaired people.

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Looking where to invest?

Latin America may be your perfect destination. In 2021, startups there have raised $19.5 billion, which is 3 times more than in 2020, which was a record year as well. In just two weeks of the new 2022, startups in Latin America have raised $450 million, and investors are sure the numbers will only grow

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Firefox reality is gone

Firefox used to have its VR version that was called Firefox Reality. This week Firefox announced the project is closed and is no longer a part of Mozilla Corporation. A Spanish company Igalia will develop its project called Wolvic: a new browser project that will continue what Firefox Project left off.

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