Gym and Fitness App Development

Turn our followers into paying subscribers or expand your fitness center customer base with a mobile app that allows users to manage their memberships, get access to online workouts, participate in loyalty programs and purchase additional services and goods from you

We build many types of gym & fitness software

Workout app development
Workout app development
Create a unique workout program and monetize it with the help of ads or a subscription model
Gym apps
Gym apps
Improve your customer service with a mobile app that has training schedules and online membership cards.
Nutrition and diet apps
Nutrition and diet apps
Integrate a calorie calculator and a recipe book and encourage users to stick to their diets with the help of notifications
Personal trainer apps
Personal trainer apps
Build your personal brand and expand your audience with the help of a fitness app
Activity tracking apps
Activity tracking apps
Integrate your app with smartwatches, fitness bands, and other wearables for effective activity tracking
Sports team apps
Sports team apps
Help sports teams manage their schedules, track progress, communicate, and get motivated with a sports team app
Meditation apps
Meditation apps
Create a calming meditation experience for your users with a variety of meditation programs that feature breathing excercises, calming music and more
Wearable apps
Wearable apps
Expand user experience and gather valuable data through wearable devices like smartwatches.
Online training apps
Online training apps
Provide users with curated workouts from anywhere in the world and allow fitness centers and influencers to open endless possibilities for revenue
Gym management apps
Gym management apps
Get rid of spreadsheets and make your gym management convenient, effective and fast with an app that automates most of the management tasks

What you get from your custom fitness app

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Additional income

Create your own workout and nutrition programs and give access to paid subscribers.

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Optimize work

Manage memberships and classes on one convenient platform without paperwork or Excel sheets.

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Strengthen your brand

Establish your brand and your reputation as an expert in the fitness industry.

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Advanced analytics

Get to know your target audience better and use this knowledge to improve your content. Data on average time in the app, most-used features, and demographics will tell you a lot.

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Audience outreach

Don’t let your news get lost in your followers’ feeds. Communicate directly with your audience using push notifications.

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Plan B

Gain independence from a platform you can’t influence and get full control over your app, its content, and your future.

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Sales platform

No more messing with orders in DMs. Sell products through a mobile app with a convenient catalog, ordering system, and payments.

App features for fitness studios and personal trainers

User profiles

Live streaming

Class bookings

Club finder

Fitness challenges

Activity history

Valuable content

Studio management system

Event creation (online trainings, challenges)

Studio/gym statistics and analytics

Payment system

Booking system

Push notifications

Push notifications

News feed

Social feed

Mobile check-in

Wearables integration

Referral programs

In-app payments

Live streaming

Push notifications

Create paid content (challenges, meal plans, online trainings)

User progress tracking

Reward systems

Nutrition & diet planning

Social feed

YouTube and Instagram integration

Online store

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Start fitness application development with a discovery stage

Maximize your project success by making a detailed development plan that includes market and competitor research, audience analysis, and a technical specification. At the end of the discovery stage you’ll get a step-by-step development plan, a full estimate, functional requirements, wireframes, and design concepts for your app.

Learn what’s included in the discovery phase

Why choose Mobindustry to develop your custom fitness app?

Experienced app and web developers
Experienced app and web developers
Get developers with 2 to 10 years of experience and university degrees
Expertise in health and fitness mobile app development
Expertise in health and fitness mobile app development
Work with a team that created one of the most popular and endlessly replicated workout app
Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing
Get advantage of cross-platform technologies and ready modules for your fitness app, and save money on development
Continuous integration
Continuous integration
Get your project evolving and updated while accelerating the development process and saving money on future testing
Agile methodology
Agile methodology
Test your gym and fitness software in the real world and make changes as you go
Quality control and transparency
Quality control and transparency
Get weekly reports and stay updated at all times

Technologies we use for health and fitness mobile app development projects

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Google Fit API

Build a smarter app with Google Fit and get access to hundreds of other apps, valuable insights, and improved security backed by Google

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Apple HealthKit

Integrate your fitness solution with Apple infrastructure and get access to a single repository for all health and fitness data from your users’ devices

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IoT for sports and fitness

Make your gym smart with IoT solutions like iBeacons, smart cameras, thermostats and motion sensors

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Geolocation tracking

Help your users track their running, cycling or swimming sessions and provide insights on their progress and distance with geolocation data

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Video conferencing

Offer your customers remote individualized workouts with the help of video conferencing

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Wearable solutions

Connect your app to wearables and make your fitness programs more personalized and smart due to individual data from wearable devices

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AR and VR solutions

Build an unforgettable workout experience using augmented and virtual reality

Fitness app development workflow at Mobindustry

0. Kick-off

  • Interview with a business analyst and/or a UI/UX designer — determine your project vision and business needs and turn them into specific requirements
  • Estimate for the discovery stage — learn how much time our experts will need to perform market and competitor analysis and create a technical specification for your project

1. Code audit for existing projects

If you already have software, we check its code quality, security, and scalability so we can find the optimal way to expand or improve your current software without any integration issues.

2. Discovery phase

  • Define goals and success criteria — we learn about your business and the main things you want to achieve with your new mobile app
  • Market and competitor analysis, SWOT — we make sure there’s strong demand for your product and build your marketing strategy before investing money in its development
  • Project Mindmap — we brainstorm ideas for your project and make it stand out of competition
  • UX concept & wireframes — we reflect all possible scenarios of user interactions with your software in wireframes and UX design
  • Software Requirements Specification — we create a technical blueprint for your project for accurate estimation and structured plan for development so you get exactly what you expect
  • Project Development Road Map — as a result of a discovery phase, you get a full set of documentation that provides a clear plan for each member of your development team

3. UI/UX design

  • Style guides — your new software design will be consistent with your current brand style
  • Prototyping — see how your mobile apap looks in action with animations
  • Mockups — look at all finalized elements of your design put together

4. Development

  • Mobile app development — we use both native and cross-platform technologies to deliver a smooth mobile app experience on any device and OS
  • Frontend and backend development — we develop the client and server sides of your product according to the specifications
  • API integration — we integrate third-party services like payment gateways, maps, and social networks

5. Quality assurance

  • Functional testing — we check if your mobile app corresponds to predetermined requirements
  • Usability testing — representative users give feedback on how user-friendly your product is
  • Performance testing — we check how your mobile app performs under a certain workload
  • Security testing — we reveal any potential security issues early and protect your data

6. Deployment and launch

  • App store submissions — we submit your app to the Google Play Store, App Store, and other app markets according to their guidelines and rules
  • App Store approval — your app is checked, approved and finally released for users
  • Analytics setup — we make sure you can collect valuable data on your users, marketing, and performance from your app

7. Maintenance and support

  • Releasing updates and fixes — we make sure your mobile solution and all of its components are up to date at all times
  • New feature implementation — as you learn about your users’ needs over time, we reflect those needs in new features in your app
  • OS and library updates — as new operating system and library versions come out, we update your software for better performance and compatibility

Case studies

Learn how we can help you with health and fitness mobile app development
gym booking app case study
Multipurpose Fitness and Wellness Application
A fitness center app for managing
gym memberships and helping users lead healthy lifestyles

We’ve gone on a long journey
to provide you with the best service

12 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the course of 12 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 3 million users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year

Industry recognition

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Vitaly Zhabchik
Product Manager at Amcon Soft

We worked on a Calendar application with Mobindustry. Mobindustry handled the client-side of the app, while my team worked on the server-side. The Mobindustry team synced with my team and delivered everything on time and on budget.
The Mobindustry team followed a strict technical task meticulously, and when they encountered any inconsistencies in a technical task, they met us halfway through and solved issues without any additional costs.
I was impressed with the communication culture at Mobindustry. Project managers control the whole development process and inform about any issues before they become problems. This transparent and timely communication allowed us to have a smooth and organized development process.

Ramon Rhymes
Founder & CEO, Contracts Rx

They helped build the business architecture and they were just phenomenal at that — their process was crazy. They’re just so in tune with what we’re talking about, that they’re able to stop conflicts from happening on an architectural level.

One of the biggest things about Mobindustry is there hasn’t been rework. We haven’t thrown something away and done something else over — we haven’t had waste and that’s highly unusual. There may be waste that I don’t know about, but it’s never come to me. There hasn’t been a direction that we took and had to reverse on, everything has just been well done.