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android app development hire

Where and How to Hire Android App Developers

Hiring an Android developer is a challenging task for many companies. Because of the high demand for professional developers, companies end up competing for talent by offering bonuses, perks, and higher salaries. Small and medium-sized non-tech companies struggle the most with hiring Android developers

19.01.2021 Featured Post 16 views 11 min
how to build a cloud application

How to Make a Cloud-Based Application: An Ultimate Guide

Thinking about creating a cloud-based application? In this article, you’ll dive into the world of cloud-based applications and find out how to make one.

13.01.2021 Featured Post 26 views 8 min
how is the digital environment influencing consumer choices

Consumer Behavior Trends in 2021: How B2C Companies Can Adapt a Digital Strategy

The economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 persists, and its impact is being felt globally. But there are significant differences in how consumers are responding to the crisis and adapting to the new normal. Changes in consumer behavior extend to all areas of life, including to how consumers work, shop, and spend their free time.

12.01.2021 Featured Post 32 views 7 min
video based learning management system

How to Create a Video-Based Learning Platform Like Udemy

Online learning has been gaining popularity in the past 10 years, but the pandemic has caused a boom in this industry. Video based learning benefits students, schools, and individuals who want to learn or pass on their expertise. Learn how to start an online learning platform of your own

11.01.2021 Featured Post 32 views 11 min
hospitality technology

Future Hotel Technologies Which Help the Hospitality Industry to Recover Post-Covid

It’s already clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world. These changes will affect all areas of business. Today, we’ll discuss the future of the hotel industry and the technologies that will come to the rescue.

06.01.2021 Featured Post 44 views 8 min

How to Develop a Backend and an Admin Panel for a Food Ordering and Delivery App

As video streaming services continue to release interesting content, people choose to watch at home and prefer food delivery to going out. This has caused the food delivery market to grow year to year, and that growth is only accelerating: according to Forbes, by 2025 the food delivery market will hit $200 billion.

30.12.2020 Featured Post 1379 views 9 min

How to Develop a HIPAA Compliant mHealth App

HIPAA is the most important legislation for anyone who wants to create healthcare-related software for the US market. While developing mHealth apps is complex, complying with HIPAA and even merely understanding all its requirements is a much bigger challenge.

30.12.2020 Featured Post 1871 views 8 min
hire iphone app development company

How to Find and Hire iOS Developers

Building a mobile presence for your business is impossible without an iOS application. However, finding an iPhone app developer who can make a high-quality iOS application and offer good value for money is a challenge many companies face. There are lots of ways to hire a good developer. Which is best for you? Find out in this article

18.12.2020 Featured Post 99 views 12 min
rent the runway app

How to Create a Clothing Rental Platform Like Rent the Runway

Thinking about creating a clothing rental platform? In this article, you’ll dive into the world of rental businesses and explore the business model of Rent the Runway, the most famous rental platform today. You’ll also find a step-by-step guide on how to build your own clothing rental platform.

14.12.2020 Featured Post 115 views 8 min
front end development trends 2020

26 Hot Web Technologies and Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

A digital presence is important for any business, and the latest web development and design trends help businesses increase their visibility, conversions, loyalty, and efficiency

03.12.2020 Featured Post 126 views 14 min

How to Build a Power Bank Sharing App: Must-Have Features and Cost

A low battery has become a nightmare along with a weak Wi-Fi signal and a “No internet connection” notification. Power bank sharing startups are appearing all over the world to solve this problem. It’s relatively easy to launch a power bank sharing service and get a return on investment

02.12.2020 Featured Post 181 views 9 min

16 Things You Don’t Know About the Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile application and planning the budget is more difficult that it seems. As someone who wants to create a mobile application based on an idea or business, you’ll need to consider lots of things you might not even have known existed. In this article, I’ll tell you what they are and show you blind spots and tricky steps in mobile app development process.

01.12.2020 Featured Post 2132 views 10 min
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