Software for Electric Scooter Sharing Business

We used our extensive experience in building micromobility software to create a full-scale off-the-shelf solution that covers all the needs of your scooter-sharing business. Now you can launch your project fast, and just for a fraction of the price while getting all the perks of custom software development

ScooterGO – e-Scooter sharing platform


We understand how important time-to-market is, and that’s why we made this MVP solution. Get a highly customizable, affordable full-scale system to rocket-launch your scooter-sharing business.

Fleet management system


Get full control over your e-scooter ecosystem with a convenient platform that allows you to view, locate and manage each individual scooter in your fleet.

Check the mileage, request maintenance, and get automated alerts on low battery levels or damage, to quickly address issues and deliver the best experience to your customers.

electric scooter sharing admin panel

No monthly fee

No monthly fee

You fully control your business data

You fully control your business data

Best quality code - made in Ukraine

Best quality code – made in Ukraine

What you get with ScooterGO system

Mobile app for users with your branding
Mobile app for users with your branding
Stand out from the crowd with your unique branding — ScooterGo allows you to add your personal touch with logo and UI color palette customization
Fleet management system
Fleet management system
Manage and monitor your fleet, trasactions,ride history, customer data in one web admin panel. You can configure the system according your business logic
Full support in app store deployment
Full support in app store deployment
We help you launch your app to the most popular app markets and provide basic ASO for your app discover. We publish your app from your accounts – you can manage it in the AppStore and Google Play
Basic back-end infrastructure and its deployment
Basic back-end infrastructure and its deployment
We ensure that each component of your scooter-sharing system works perfectly as one organism.
Integration of the IoT controller from Teltonika
Integration of the IoT controller from Teltonika
We experimented and picked the most reliable, accurate, and cost-effective controller for your scooters.
Setting up scooter supplier integration
Setting up scooter supplier integration
We can recommend scooter suppliers or integrate vehicles of your choice into your micromobility system. We already implemented integration for Segway scooters with Teltonika IoT module
Payment system integration
Payment system integration
Generate revenue easily through Stripe or any other payment gateway of your choice.
Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support
We’ll keep your scooter-sharing system up and running, and make sure it’s always relevant and secure.

Why our solution is better than standard white-label micromobility software?


We provide more flexibility than the standard white-label solutions — our team of developers is ready to tailor your e-scooter solution to your business needs.

You get high-quality code — Ukrainian specialists are the top-notch developers with a strong engineering background

  • You fully control your business data. No one, including us, has access to your transactions, revenue, user base, etc.
  • We don’t charge a monthly fee, so the solution is all yours without any additional or hidden payments
  • You save 50% of your budget and months of development you’d spend on your own software made from scratch
  • You can easily scale your fleet thanks to the microservice-based architecture of our platform
  • Forget about boring generic apps — we’ll customize the platform according to your brand style guide: you choose the colors, logos, vehicle icons, and more.
  • We publish your app from your own AppStore and Google Play accounts, so all rights for the app are yours fully
electric scooter sharing software

Want to know more about ScooterGO system?

Learn about everything you’ll get from our ready solution that has all the advantages of a custom product

Main features of ScooterGo user app

prototype icon
Onboarding and user profile
location icon
Map with available scooters
qr code icon
QR code / ID scanner
check icon
Booking functionality
notification icon
Push notifications
scooter icon
Ride history
payment gateway icon
In-app payments
analytics icon
Packages of ride minutes
location icon
Root tracking
escooter sharing map feature
escooter sharing QR scanning feature
escooter sharing root feature
escooter sharing parking feature

Main features of ScooterGo fleet management system

Web link and log-in

Ride management

Vehicle management

Customer management

Transactions / Payment management

Push notifications

Reviews & ratings

electric scooter sharing admin panel
electric scooter sharing admin panel

Technology stack

We use reliable technologies and Microservice Architecture for developing e-scooter sharing systems that ensure your project growth

Java Script JS
Node JS
Laravel Nova logo
google maps icon

Best hardware for your scooter sharing service

From hundreds of scooters and IoT devices, we picked a perfect duo that ensures smooth connection, simple integration and cost-efficiency — Teltonika IoT module and Segway e-scooters. In ScoterGO system we already implemented integration for scooters Segway ES4 and Segway Max with Teltonika TST100 IoT controller.

Teltonika TST100


Teltonika TST100 is what connects your platform to your e-scooter. It’s designed specifically for e-scooter sharing, and allows you to:


  • Read data from your e-scooter
  • Lock/unlock your scooter remotely
  • Install over-the-air updates
  • Track and locate your scooter


Teltonika TST100 is resilient against any conditions with its waterproof and shockproof case.


Segway ES4


  • Maximum speed: up to 25km/h
  • Travel range on a single charge: 45 km
  • Double braking system for greater safety and stability
  • Integrated front LED lights
  • 15° uphill climb
  • IPX54 resistance class
  • Batter capacity: 374 Wh
  • Charging time: 6 to 7 hours
segway es4

Segway Max Pro


  • Maximum speed: up to 25km/h
  • Travel range on a single charge: up to 60 km
  • Swappable battery
  • Power: 350W
  • Battery capacity: 551Wh
  • Charging time: 4 hours
Segway Max Pro

Our customer’s story

with the help of iot we successfully developed a scooter sharing application
Kick scooter sharing system for Australian startup
Learn how we created a full-fledged e-scooter sharing system for our client’s startup

Need a custom software development for an e-scooter sharing business?


Custom development has endless possibilities to satisfy your business needs. We can maximize your success and build a market-leader-level software by offering you:


  • Additional functionality for user application — enrich your user experience with features that reflect your extended business offer
  • Multi-language support — get access to the global market with localization
  • Complex app customization — spice your app up by changing its structure, navigation, and user experience


  • In-app analytics integration — anticipate your customer expectations by tracking user behavior through analytics
  • Additional integrations — add payment gateways, user verification methods and CRMs of your choice to make you solution an integral part of your existing ecosystem
  • Scooter maintenance and service solutions — integrate an app for scooter maintenance to manage your staff
  • Apple and Google developer accounts — deploy your apps easily to the major app markets
  • Backend and database hosting environment — get a reliable and scalable infrastructure for your scooter sharing system
  • Exclusive rights for the developed solution — every line of custom code we write for your scooter sharing app belongs to you fully

Schedule an expert session with Mobindustry’s IoT app developers

Our leading experts in IoT app development for micromobility domain can consult you on technologies, architectural patterns, infrastructure, third-party solutions, and functionality that suits your business idea

Why choose our team of developers for your micromobility startup

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Huge expertise in IoT development

We’ve built dozens of apps and IoT systems for smart homes, enterprises, agriculture, sports, and more

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Numerous sharing projects we successfully launched

Power bank sharing, scooter sharing, car sharing — the apps we created work for businesses all over the world

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Scalable architecture for your sharing platform

Our engineers will make sure your platform can handle millions of users and thousands of daily activities

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Quality control and transparency

We take proactive measures to ensure the quality of all our systems

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