Retail and eCommerce software development services

Boost your ecommerce sales and revenue with a powerful arsenal of digital solutions: from ecommerce web solutions to custom mobile apps that connect your brick-and-mortar stores with digital experience

Services we provide

Custom retail software development
Custom retail software development
We provide full-cycle app development to retail businesses of all sizes. Get a custom application that drives sales and increases loyalty of your customers
Ecommerce management solutions
Ecommerce management solutions
We help you automate your internal operations with Product Listing, Order Processing and Inventory Management. Save money and focus on business goals with custom ecommerce software development
CRM system for retail
CRM system for retail
Establish meaningful relationships with your customers and increase the conversion rates by making highly personalized and timely offers
Point of sales systems (POS)
Point of sales systems (POS)
Establish an easy and convenient way for customers to pay for your products and services at your brick-and-mortar stores, and connect it to your digital ecosystem
Supply Chain Management Solution
Supply Chain Management Solution
Automatically calculate the supply and demand for certain categories of products and avoid surplus or undersupply at your warehouse
Marketplace software development
Marketplace software development
Earn money by connecting sellers and buyers through your own marketplace
UI/UX design for mobile apps and websites
UI/UX design for mobile apps and websites
Make your brand recognizable and increase sales by investing into unique and effective UI/UX design for your retail software

Why do you need a custom retail software?

Boost ecommerce sales and revenue with a retail software development services
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Perfect market fit

Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) first to analyze the market reaction and invest in what truly matters to your customers.

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Emphasis on business goals

Focus on your business goals instead of hiring an in-house team by outsourcing development to Mobindustry.

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Quality and reliability

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom software allow for any kind of testing, so you can make sure your product’s quality is high.

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Impeccable security

Custom retail software is often more secure than out-of-the-box solutions. With a custom retail app or a website, you’ll be able to protect the private data like credit card numbers, passwords, and email addresses yourself.

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Strong UX and customization

You’ll always be able to change your app according to your current business goals and distinguish yourself from competitors with unique features and interface.

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Great ROI

Increase sales and brand awareness and expand your market with a mobile solution. An app can be an argument for users to pick you over your competitors.

What retail technologies can boost your sales

The Internet of things (IoT)
The Internet of things (IoT)
Use smart sensors to improve your store management and stock monitoring, track your product location, condition, and other parameters
Online experience in offline stores
Online experience in offline stores
Add loyalty programs, membership cards, and other bonuses that your customers can use inside your stores. Tell more about your products with QR codes and special offers for specific locations.
Augmented reality (AR)
Augmented reality (AR)
Enhance your customer experience in a creative way and attract an audience with AR. This killer feature lets you showcase your products and encourage sales with gamification.
Voice search
Voice search
Allow users to search for products without typing and increase conversions by making ordering easy. Voice search is becoming the standard for a modern tapless user experience.
Subscription services
Subscription services
Offer premium versions of your services with subscription-based and freemium monetization models. Sell products in bundles, allow rentals, or offer free delivery for your premium users to create an additional source of revenue.
Increase your conversion rate by offering instant support to your users that doesn’t depend on your employees. Optimize the work of your support team and save money on specialists by automatically answering common questions.
Headless ecommerce architecture
Headless ecommerce architecture
Effortlessly manage content on your ecommerce website and make changes to your database and app structure according to your business needs.
Customizable products
Customizable products
Stand out from the crowd by offering customized products and bundles to your users. Increase sales with a personalized approach.
Beacon technology
Beacon technology
Install beacons in your store to track your customers’ movements and behavior and send special offers as your customers are walking around the store to drive sales

Mobindustry’s development team

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Mobile app developers

Use native and cross-platform technologies and third-party integrations to build scalable apps that align with your business goals

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Website developers

Build business logic and client web applications for retail businesses

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UI/UX designer

Gathers user requirements and does user research to then build an intuitive and straightforward application design that’s easy to use and pleasant to look at

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Business analyst

Translates your business needs and goals into concrete technical requirements and suggests the best set of features and functionality

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Project manager

Makes sure the project is delivered on time and within budget and handles communication between stakeholders and other team members

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Quality assurance specialists

Run various tests to ensure that software is developed according to the requirements in the technical specification and works correctly

Integrations we provide

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Why choose Mobindustry for your project

Experienced mobile app developers, web developers, UI/UX designers — get developers with 2 to 10 years of experience and university degrees

Strong expertise in developing software for retail and
eCommerce — let us share our experience in building apps for large retailers with hundreds of stores

Dedicated team — get expertise from BA, PM, UI/UX, and QA specialists

Carefully analyzed requirements — get exactly what you need

Continuous integration — get a flexible and scalable project fast

Perfect architecture — get the best tech solution for your goals and constant server support

Agile methodology — test your software in the real world and make changes as you go

Quality control and transparency — get weekly reports and stay updated at all times

Ability to expand your team any
time — add any number of development specialists to your team without any hussle

Industry recognition

top 1000 Global companies Clutch - Mobindustry top big commerce company Clutch - Mobindustry top e-commerce company Clutch - Mobindustry techbehemoth award top custom software development company softwareworld badge goodfirms badge
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Schedule an expert session with Mobindustry’s consultants

Our leading experts in digital transformation for retail can consult you on technologies, architectural patterns, infrastructure, third-party solutions, and functionality that suits your business needs and the latest market trends

Our experience in eCommerce app development

Ecommerce application development case study
We built a large mobile ecommerce platform for leading Ukrainian retailer – Allo. We created native iOS and Android apps from scratch, and have been maintaining and updating them for 5 years. Allo apps have more than 1 million users
scan and go app
Retail App for Scan-and-Go Technology
The Scan-And-Go is a concept of an app for brick-and-mortar stores that combines loyalty program features with a mobile self-checkout for shoppers. It makes the shopping experience more convenient and safe without contacting a single person or touching public screens

Other types of apps we build

Save time and budget on development and get a ready solution that we’ll customize according to your brand and business goals

We’ve gone on a long journey
to provide you with the best service

12 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the course of 12 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 3 million users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year


Ramon Rhymes
Founder & CEO, Contracts Rx

They helped build the business architecture and they were just phenomenal at that — their process was crazy. They’re just so in tune with what we’re talking about, that they’re able to stop conflicts from happening on an architectural level.

One of the biggest things about Mobindustry is there hasn’t been rework. We haven’t thrown something away and done something else over — we haven’t had waste and that’s highly unusual. There may be waste that I don’t know about, but it’s never come to me. There hasn’t been a direction that we took and had to reverse on, everything has just been well done.

Vitaly Zhabchik
Product Manager at Amcon Soft

We worked on a Calendar application with Mobindustry. Mobindustry handled the client-side of the app, while my team worked on the server-side. The Mobindustry team synced with my team and delivered everything on time and on budget.
The Mobindustry team followed a strict technical task meticulously, and when they encountered any inconsistencies in a technical task, they met us halfway through and solved issues without any additional costs.
I was impressed with the communication culture at Mobindustry. Project managers control the whole development process and inform about any issues before they become problems. This transparent and timely communication allowed us to have a smooth and organized development process.

Konstantin Avilov
CIO of Allo, Ukraine

Mobindustry proved to be a proactive and business-oriented agency.

Peter Symons
Founder and CEO of OJOO, Belgium

Great company to work with. Clear client-oriented communication, attention to the details, great skills. Reliable partners who offer great solutions.