Mobile App Support and Maintenance Services

With our mobile application support services your app will always stay relevant: get timely updates for new OS, code quality and security checks as well as new features

Software support and maintenance services we provide

Bug fixes
Bugs are inevitable but preventable. We can eliminate bugs in any code after thorough testing and work to minimize them in the future.
App updates
Our team can provide updates that are timely and valuable for your users. As a bonus, we’ll write creative update descriptions for the app stores!
New feature implementation
Our development team can easily integrate new features that expand your business possibilities and offer more value to users.
OS and library updates
New operating systems and libraries come out each year, and we make sure to use them to your business’s advantage as soon as they go live.
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Code maintenance
At Mobindustry, we don’t like poor code and abandoned apps. Maintenance is just a natural part of any product’s life cycle, and we’re happy to do it.
Data migration
If you need to move data from one software product to another, we’ll provide seamless migration with minimum downtime.
Application security management
We regularly check apps for security breaches, keep documentation organized, and update security tools to leave hackers no chance.
Performance enhancements
New features or updates may slow your app down. We’ll make sure it loads at rocket speed for the best possible user experience.
App monitoring services
We regularly check your application for code quality and security, and provide timely updates and improvements so that your application is always stable and secure
UI/UX improvements
We recommend and implement the best practices of UI/UX design based on your business needs, user behavior and the latest design trends in your domain

How much does mobile and
web app maintenance cost?

Fixed-price maintenance

Full testing and mobile app maintenance services
for a fixed price based on your scope

You determine the scope of tasks to fix critical app issues and upgrades according to your budget

Long-term maintenance

Annual support and maintenance services for your project

  • long-term contract
  • app monitoring
  • app upgrades
  • bug fixing
  • technical support
  • app upgrades
  • new features implementation

Dedicated developer or team

Full testing and application maintenance and support for a fixed price based on your scope

  • individual or team of experts
  • app monitoring
  • app upgrades
  • bug fixing
  • technical support
  • app upgrades
  • new features implementation

Why you need mobile app maintenance and support

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New software versions

You need to update all parts of your software (third-party services, libraries, frameworks) and adapt an app to new OS versions

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New app market rules

New app market policies require attention, as your app may be banned from the platform if it doesn’t meet the rules

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New devices

New smartphones and tablets come out each year. Make sure their users can enjoy your app on their new devices

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Technical issues

Rapid changes in software may cause technical issues, so you need to regularly check your app for security, performance and consistency

Why choose Mobindustry for your application maintenance?

Experienced app and web developers
Experienced app and web developers
Get developers with 2 to 10 years of experience and university degrees
Experts in modernizing legacy systems for enterprises
Experts in modernizing legacy systems for enterprises
Make a gradual shift to a modernized system and get access to cutting-edge technology
In-depth code audit
In-depth code audit
Get recommendations on improving your existing code and software architecture for better performance, maintainability and usability
Continuous integration
Continuous integration
Get your project evolving and updated while accelerating the development process and saving money on future testing
Agile methodology
Agile methodology
Test your software in the real world and make changes as you go
Quality control and transparency
Quality control and transparency
Get weekly reports and stay updated at all times
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Schedule an expert session with Mobindustry’s team

We will use our 10+ years of experience to help you build a maintenance and support strategy for your product. Get an in-depth consultation on best practices of software maintenance tailored to your specific tech and business needs

Software we support and maintain

Mobile apps

We update your apps to the latest versions of Android and iOS, and adapt them for new devices that come out each year. We also implement new functionality, perform security checks and update third-party services

Web apps and portals

We regularly optimize your web applications and websites for better performance and speed, and update plugins, third-party APIs and more. We revise, edit and update the pages of your web portal according to your requirements and optimize the backend with system updates


We make sure your SaaS product is always available for your customers and prevent any downtimes by constantly monitoring your software and proactively maintaining it

Mobindustry development team to support and maintain your app

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Mobile app developers

Update your application to the new versions of OS, build new features and fix issues

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Website developers

Update the frontend and backend components and maintain databases

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UI/UX designer

Makes sure your application is relevant from the user interface and experience standpoint

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Business analyst

Defines requirements for the new functionality in your application and maintains your project documentation

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Project manager

Estimates the time needed for maintenance and manages communication between you and the technical team

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Quality assurance specialist

Tests the application and makes sure all changes are made according to your requirements

Our App Support and Maintenance Projects – Case studies

logistics app development case study
Parcel tracking app
App support and maintenance for European logistics company

We’ve gone on a long journey
to provide you with the best service

12 years on the market
Team of 40+ highly skilled professionals
Projects completed
Over the course of 12 years, we’ve successfully completed projects for businesses of all sizes
Satisfied clients
We’ve worked with over 150 clients. 80% of them have recommended us to their partners
Of clients return for the next project
We’re proud that our clients trust us with their next projects.
Apps users
We maintain apps that support over 3 million users
88% increase in active users of our client’s apps in half a year
Revenue growth
About 20% average revenue growth within one year

Our awards and recognition

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Ramon Rhymes
Founder & CEO, Contracts Rx

They helped build the business architecture and they were just phenomenal at that — their process was crazy. They’re just so in tune with what we’re talking about, that they’re able to stop conflicts from happening on an architectural level.

One of the biggest things about Mobindustry is there hasn’t been rework. We haven’t thrown something away and done something else over — we haven’t had waste and that’s highly unusual. There may be waste that I don’t know about, but it’s never come to me. There hasn’t been a direction that we took and had to reverse on, everything has just been well done.

Vitaly Zhabchik
Product Manager at Amcon Soft

We worked on a Calendar application with Mobindustry. Mobindustry handled the client-side of the app, while my team worked on the server-side. The Mobindustry team synced with my team and delivered everything on time and on budget.
The Mobindustry team followed a strict technical task meticulously, and when they encountered any inconsistencies in a technical task, they met us halfway through and solved issues without any additional costs.
I was impressed with the communication culture at Mobindustry. Project managers control the whole development process and inform about any issues before they become problems. This transparent and timely communication allowed us to have a smooth and organized development process.