Digital Content Monitoring Platform

A platform for monitoring the relevance, efficiency, and business results of digital content
content monitoring platform
Total time of
5,500 hours
Team members
4 engineers
Enterprise, MarTech, Saas
Time before MVP
4,000 hours

Our input

Web development
Web development
Project management
Project management
Business Analysis
Business Analysis

Project idea

A Scandinavian product company wanted to create a platform for business owners to monitor digital content for relevance, efficiency, and business results.


The idea for the project was to create a platform for monitoring digital content. The platform had to increase users’ efficiency and automate digital content monitoring. 

The platform had three main tasks:


  • Monitor patent databases, competitors’ websites, events on social media, and more based on relevant keywords.
  • Retrieve content such as text, images, and videos that can then be reused. 
  • Use the material as needed, regardless of whether it’s for internal use or for external use such as on social media or websites.


The mission of the project was to enable organizations to fetch digital content in less time and simplify and improve the way they monitor it. The platform is an assistant when it comes to collecting and processing content and updating digital channels.




For the minimum viable product (MVP), we chose these main features:


  • Personal profiles
  • News feed
  • Preferences
  • Favorites list
  • Likes and comments
  • Subscriptions
  • Push notifications


In later versions of the app, we added these features: 


  • Coverage of social media channels and user-added sites
  • Content sharing
  • Report creation
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integration
  • API for building digital channels



  • Provide customers with high-quality service
  • Create convenient and intuitive user interactions
  • Help users easily monitor digital content



  • Integrate our developers into the existing project team
  • Provide users with multi-device access
  • Provide users with content that’s relevant to their businesses


Our developers joined a project that was already in development and needed to integrate efficiently into the existing team.  


 Another challenge was to allow users to access the platform from all kinds of devices. We made it possible to use the platform on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


The platform uses artificial intelligence to learn from users’ behavior and provide users with relevant content. 

Development process and results

Our first step was to analyze our client’s business needs. We developed wireframes and documentation and estimated the whole project. To make sure we released the app as fast as possible, we created a list of must-have features for the MVP version.

Personal profiles

A user’s personal profile contains the user’s name, surname, phone number, and app settings.


News feed

When users register on the platform, they answer a few questions about which type of content they’re interested in. Based on these answers, the platform builds a news feed. The platform monitors what’s crucial for the user’s industry and collects information from sources relevant to the user’s specific business sphere.



Thanks to artificial intelligence, users are presented with information they’re interested in. The software analyzes users’ preferences, where users leave comments, and what they save to their favorites. Based on this information, an AI algorithm predicts what users will like and shows it to them.

Favorites list

Users can save posts they like or are interested in to their favorites to read later.


Likes and comments

Users can like posts they find interesting. They can also leave comments to engage in conversation on topics they like. This feature allows users to interact with each other.


Push notifications

Users get notifications when content on topics they follow appears on the platform.


Technologies we used

laravel logo
my sql

What our client said about this project

Digital Content Monitoring Platform
CEO of a digital content monitoring platform
We were extremely happy with the work that Mobindustry provided to us. They integrated their developers into our team efficiently

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