Sanbuk - Adventure and experience booking application

Our team built a mobile marketplace platform for booking adventure and experience services, from exciting trips and courses to activities and resorts
Sanbuk - Adventure & experience booking application
Total time of
4,500 hours
Team members
10 engineers
Android, iOS, WEB
On-demand services, Travel
Time before MVP
3,000 hours

Our input

Business analysis
Business analysis
UI/UX design
UI/UX design
Flutter app development
Flutter app development
Backend development
Backend development
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Project management
Project management
Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support

Project idea


Our client is a Kuwait-based startup Sanbuk Adventures, that came to us with an idea to build a yacht booking application. The idea was to create two separate apps: a customer-facing application for booking yachts, boats and trips, and an app for yacht owners, who would describe their services and manage their bookings.


Project evolution to marketplace


As this product evolved after the launch, we significantly scaled its functionality and services. Now it’s a large marketplace for booking all kinds of adventures and experiences, from sailing and horseback riding courses to resort and tour booking. Currently users can book these kinds of activities in Sanbuk, that are also represented in the app filters: kayaking, boat trips, chalet, sailing, SUP, windsurfing, yoga, kitesurfing, motorcycle courses, tournaments, arts and crafts, resorts

These are the features we implemented for the final versions of both customer and provider apps:

sanbuk service marketplace

App for users


  • Sign up and log in
  • Homepage
  • Menu
  • Listings
  • Search and filters
  • Localization (English, Arabic)
  • Personal profile
  • Bookings
  • Calendar
  • Settings
  • Payments
  • Contact
  • Notifications

App for service providers


  • Company profile
  • Revenue tracking
  • Working hours setup
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage service packages and availability
  • Manage time slots for service packages



The main challenge of this project was to scale a small application and turn it into a large marketplace platform. To do this, our development team needed to make significant changes to its architecture and create additional features to cater to a large variety of experience and adventure service providers. We also needed to fully redesign the search and filters functionality in order to provide effective search for the app users.



  • Develop an MVP of a boat renting app
  • Scale a boat renting app to a marketplace platform for experience services
  • Create a convenient booking user flow in the customer-facing app
  • Build a simple and convenient application for service providers
  • Develop an admin panel for a product owner and managers

Development process and results

We provided full-cycle development and support for this project, from defining the idea to developing the app and releasing it to the app markets. We created a technical specification based on our client’s business requirements for a boat and yacht rental app. After our client decided to expand their business, we developed an extended version of a technical specification and developed a mobile marketplace. 


We also created UI/UX design for both versions of the applications, and integrated a Kuwait-based payment gateway Tap, that’s popular in the Middle Eastern market. 

We released Sanbuk this year and continue to add new functionality, as well as support and maintain it. Currently we’re working on a custom Vue.Js component — a calendar that allows an administrator to create time slots for services.


Our team implemented and set up a Laravel Nova admin panel that now corresponds to all business requirements of the product owner. 


The team that works on Sanbuk comprised:


  • a business analyst
  • a project manager
  • 2 quality assurance specialists
  • 3 backend developers
  • 3 Flutter developers

Main features for users


Personal profile

Contains all the necessary information about the user like their name, preferred payment methods, and favorite activities


Listings with search and filters

Users can quickly find an activity or booking using filters, a search bar and categories








This feature allows to book the activity based on its availability


Payment gateway

Users can pay for activities and bookings right from their smartphones in just a few clicks




booking app features
booking app design
booking app UI/UX design
booking app calendar

Main features for service providers


Company profile

Contains all the necessary information about the user like their name, preferred payment methods, and favorite activities


Service management

A service provider can add description and pictures to illustrate their service, change service packages and edit prices




Calendar management

This feature allows a service provider to add working hours and manage bookings by offering available time slots


Revenue tracking

A service provider can check the individual payments and get insights about their revenue over certain periods of time




booking app for providers
vendor app booking features
booking app for providers
sanbuk vendor app features

Technologies we used

laravel logo
Laravel Nova logo
sanbuk service marketplace

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