Secure SMS Texting and Voice Platform

The leading secure internal SMS texting and voice platform for capturing and archiving mobile communications
Secure SMS Texting and Voice Platform
Total time of
7,500 hours
Team members
5 engineers
Communication, Enterprise
Time before MVP
1500 hours

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Mobile app development
Mobile app development
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Backend development
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Project management
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Quality assurance

Project idea


Our American client wanted to build a completely secure messaging and video/voice calling platform that would allow users to easily communicate within enterprises.


The main idea of the project was to provide employees with a secure and convenient messaging and voice calling platform. Patented technology captures all incoming and outgoing calls made on mobile devices and provides audio recordings to meet supervision and compliance requirements.


The platform lets businesses issue their workforces with iOS or Android mobile phones or allow employees to bring their own devices while maintaining compliance.



For the MVP, we chose these features:


  • Personal profiles
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure voice calls
  • Group chats
  • Encrypted file transfer 
  • Cellular/SIM and VoIP calling


In later versions of the app, we added these features: 


  • Multi-device access
  • Email journaling
  • Automatic replies
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Multiple MBNS
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Message statuses
  • Paging/broadcast messages



  • Provide customers with high-quality service
  • Enable convenient and intuitive user interactions
  • Create a convenient platform for communication within enterprises


Development process and results


Our first step was to analyze our client’s business needs. We developed wireframes and documentation and estimated the whole project. To make sure we released the app as fast as possible, we created a list of must-have features for the MVP version.



  • Create a secure messaging and calling platform
  • Provide users with multi-device access
  • Smooth the transition of all communication processes to the new platform


To solve the challenge of secure communication on the platform, we used AES encryption for SMS and MMS both in transit and at rest.


Another challenge was to give users the opportunity to access the platform from all kinds of devices. We made voice and messaging capabilities available on registered smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers using Mobile Business Number (MBN) technology.


To ease the transition of all communication processes to the new platform, we created convenient onboarding with easy tutorials.

Personal profiles

Users’ personal profiles contain brief information on users such as their names, surnames, phone numbers, and app settings.


Group chats

Users can create group chats with an unlimited number of participants. The group chat feature was added to unify organizational departments.


Secure messaging

Text messages are protected in transit and at rest using AES encryption. This secures sensitive information and intellectual property on all SL2 app-to-app communications.




Secure voice calling

Users are provided with powerful encryption and traceability for highly sensitive calls using Wi-Fi and mobile data as well as standard voice calls on 3G and 4G networks.


Encrypted file transfer

Users can send encrypted files and archived MMS communications. The app encrypts the entire message library, and files are encrypted in transit, at rest, and on servers.


Cellular/SIM and VoIP calling

Users can make calls using VoIP or use their cellular/SIM carrier in bandwidth-challenged environments.


Technologies we used


What our client said about this project

communication web development
CEO of enterprise SMS texting and voice platform
We’ve been extremely happy with the development process of the app

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