Case Study: How We Generated Leads for Fitness and Healthcare Development Services

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Our client, a company that specializes in developing healthcare and fitness mobile apps, planned to find a new audience for their services. They chose lead generation as the fastest way to confirm if the audience they wished to target was actually interested in their services. We helped them create a campaign and support content but ran into issues connecting with the target audience on LinkedIn


Our client is a software development company with experience building applications for fitness and healthcare startups. They planned to expand their audience and start working not only with startup founders but also with large businesses like fitness centers and independent influencers in the fitness domain that could later promote their services.

Our client had a vague idea of how to attract these types of audiences and decided that lead generation could help them test the market before making a more significant investment into paid advertising or a larger marketing campaign.

We offered to strengthen our client’s lead generation campaign by creating content and sharing it in follow-up messages. The idea was to differentiate two different audiences — fitness centers and fitness bloggers — and increase our client’s credibility.

Our goals

Our main goals were to find leads among fitness centers and fitness bloggers and to investigate the market to find the best way for our client to later find contacts with the help of their in-house team.

To accomplish these goals, we needed to:

  • Research the market
  • Form two target audiences
  • Define campaign expectations
  • Create content (one article for each audience)
  • Write custom message scripts and follow-ups

How we worked

We planned to run this campaign for three months. Before launching it, we investigated the market and researched solutions that were already live. We found that many fitness centers and individual bloggers currently build their own applications to promote their services, establish a brand (corporate or personal), and create an additional source of revenue.

We specified our target audiences:

  • Fitness center owners
  • Fitness trainers and bloggers with over 30k followers

As for the target markets, our client wanted to focus on these countries:

  • Gulf states
  • USA
  • UK
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Indonesia
  • Canada

In the first week, we started sending invites on LinkedIn to fitness center owners and direct messages on Instagram to fitness bloggers. After sending the invites, we started cold message outreach, sending approximately 25 to 30 messages per day and planning up to five follow-ups in case there was no answer.

To send these messages, we used the LinkedIn accounts of our client’s CEO and CIO.

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Our first challenge was to choose the right platform. After three weeks of sending invites and messages, we analyzed the intermediate report on conversions and invitation acceptance rates and noticed that the conversion and acceptance rates were rather low.

Our main challenge now was to find out what we could do to reach both audiences more effectively. While fitness club owners were present on LinkedIn, they weren’t active there, so we needed to find other ways to reach them. We started to message fitness center owners on Facebook and Twitter instead of LinkedIn, and the response rate was immediately better.

As for fitness bloggers, they weren’t present on LinkedIn at all. We decided to reach them on Instagram, where they work, but still saw little response.

We needed to figure out what we could do to improve our campaign performance and contacted several bloggers that already had their own mobile applications to find out how they created their apps. From these conversations and additional market research, we found out what we could do better in the future to make the campaign more successful.

What we learned from this campaign

1. To reach potential customers on Instagram, you need a popular Instagram account. Otherwise, bloggers won’t answer your direct messages. Our client didn’t have an Instagram account, so we set one up for this campaign after we discovered that influencers don’t spend time on other platforms. However, the response rate was still low because the account wasn’t developed enough.

2. Owners of large fitness centers prefer an off-the-shelf solution, while our client offered development services and didn’t have a ready product to sell. Because of this, the positive response rate was rather low, as our client’s offer didn’t match the potential leads’ expectations.

After analyzing all the new information and our conclusions, we offered our client another plan:

1. Create a demo version of an application so fitness center owners and bloggers can get an idea of what’s being offered.
2. Create a separate presentation for each target audience that explains the benefits of custom fitness app development.
3. Create new personalized messages for other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
4. Prepare for an Instagram lead generation campaign by developing an Instagram account and doing social media marketing.

Our results

During this campaign, we sent 3,695 invites and messages on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. From the 682 that were accepted, we got 103 answers to our messages.

At the end of the campaign, we provided our client with 24 relevant leads that were interested in custom fitness app development for their businesses.


Sent invites 3695
Accepted invites 682
Responses 103
Relevant leads 24
Invite conversion rate 18.5%
Response conversion rate 2.8%
Positive response conversion rate 0.6%

This campaign allowed our client to better understand what their potential clients want from a mobile solution. Before launching a large ad campaign, they got a clear plan that will increase their chances of finding more potential clients.

This campaign worked well as a way to test the market, which is why we considered it successful even though the conversion rate was lower than we expected.

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