Digest #10: Epic Games Raises $2,000,000,000 from Sony

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Read about the future Apple’s and Meta’s events, the gaming industry and new Tesla’s factory

Toss your degree

IT giants like IBM are removing the requirement to have a higher degree for their candidates. Universities in the US don’t give the necessary knowledge to work in IT, and people can learn more by gaining real experience. The university crisis is up, so think twice before sending your kids to get a programmer degree.

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Not so epic investments

Epic Games raised around 2 billion USD from Sony this week, and their valuation is now at $31.5 billion. Though it sounds like a lot, it’s actually not that much for a large gaming company that created the most successful game in the world – Fortnite.

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Meta changes

Facebook didn’t simply rename its company to Meta. They also changed their annual conferences. In 2022 there will be no F8 – the traditional FB conference. Instead, on the 19th of May there will be Conversation – a business messaging event. After that there’ll be another event dedicated to AR and VR. 

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Tesla’s new factory

Giga Factory is to be opened in Ausin, Texas. Giga Factory is the biggest Tesla’s factory, and its opening will be celebrated with a festival. Cybertruck that was noticed at the factory’s parking lot, once again excited everyone. 

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Virtual Apple

Apple has set the date for their next WWDC – June 6. It will be held virtually, and Apple will present its VR gear – a headset and iOS 16 that will connect to it and support lots of VR and AR software. New versions of watchOS, macOS and tvOS are also expected to impress the consumers and developers.

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