Digest #11: Dramatic drop in Bitcoin price: less than $30k for a piece!

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Read about the future Apple’s and Meta’s events, the gaming industry and new Tesla’s factory

Crypto winter

Because of Russian agression against Ukraine, investors are hesitant to put their money into risky actives. The trend of moving money to more reliable investments has lead to crypto prices going down. For example, Bitcoin is now cheaper than it was in July 2021, less than $30k per unit. 

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Google VR

While everyone is discussing how Apple wants to be a leader of VR glasses, Google acquires Raxium â€” a startup that studies MicroLED displays. Starting from December Raxium was ready for becoming a part of Snap, but Google offered more money. 

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The VR race

Companies are fighting for leadership in the domain of VR glasses. By 2024 Meta plans to release 4 new VR headsets called Cambria. Cambria is a high-end headset that will cost from $799 compared to their crrent Quest models that cost $299 and $399.
New versions of Quest are also expected in 2024.

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First virtual streaming

Spotify became the first music streaming service in a virtual environment. Spotify Island is now in Roblox that’s the closest to the “metaverse” service right now. 

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Twitter buddies

Elon Musk is trying to involve as many strong partners into his Twitter endeavour. Among these companies are Binance, Sequoia, VyCapital, Brookfield, Fidelity and more. With their help Musk has already raised $7.14 billion for purchasing Twitter. Elon will put $21 billion of his own money, so he still has some more funding to raise for this $44 billion deal.

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