Digest #9: Goldman Sachs now offers Bitcoin transactions

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Hi. Read about Zomato and Blinkit merger, Meta’s prosecution, and other news.

Accepting crypto

Last week Goldman Sachs became the first large bank to offer an over-the-counter crypto options trade. The operation was facilitated by Sach’s partner Galaxy Digital Holdings. The bank traded Bitcoin. For years cryptocurrency was shunned by banks, and now they’re starting to slowly accept it in the face of the financial crisis.

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Nothing to see here

This week Apple got a disappointing review of its new Apple Studio Display that has “A 5K iMac’s panel, six speakers, three mics, and one terrible camera”. According to the review, the speakers and the display are great, but the camera is awful, so see for yourself if it’s a good investment for your $1,599.

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Microsoft hacked

Hackers from the Lapsus$ group have leaked 37 gb of Microsoft’s source code. mainly the Bing souce code and Cortana interfaces. Lapsus$ also showed screenshots of the internal systems of Okta and the list of LG employees. Lapsus$ has also previously hacked large companies like Samsung and Nvidia.

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Before it’s too late

The Russian Wikipedia was downloaded over 100 thousand times since the beginning of May, which is 4000% more than in January. The reason might be that the Russian govenrment is planning to ban Wiki in Russia, so people are trying to at least get those 29 gigabytes of already existing data.

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The artificially smartest

Last week AI Index released its newest rating that shows which countries are the best at developing and using AI. Each year the rating changes slightly, but China and the US are permanent worldwide leaders.

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