Mobindustry Announced As A Top Mobile App Development Company

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We are delighted to announce that Mobindustry was included in the list of top mobile app development companies in the industry according to

We are delighted to announce that our name was included in a press release about the top mobile app development companies in the industry.

Mobindustry believes in delivering the best results for its clients. We have built apps that have helped our clients register an 88% increase in the number of users within 6 months. We have delivered apps that have given 20% revenue growth for our clients in a single year of operation. We currently maintain apps that support around 420k users. The achievement of being one of the leading mobile app developers in the market today wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our expert team.

We are thankful to the team at for considering us for another accolade. Earlier the same team had selected us as one of the best mobile app developers in Ukraine in the industry.

Customer success stories

Our team at Mobindusty creates software for businesses of different domains, from ecommerce to scooter sharing. Here are some examples of our previous and current projects.


Allo is an e-commerce app based in Ukraine. The company approached us to build a mobile app for their e-commerce platform. After a series of discussions, we built an app that supported the omni-channel strategy of the business.

The app built by us allows users to order products online, locate the nearest physical Allo stores and track their orders.


Battomat is a power bank sharing platform that we developed from scratch for our client from Khazakhstan. Battomat app allows users to rent power banks in stations that are situated around the city.

The system automatically withdraws money from the user account after the power bank is returned to any of the stations. We used IoT technologies and developed both a mobile app and custom software for power bank stations in this project.

Contracts Rx

Contracts Rx is a web platform for lawyers and businesses that uses AI and machine learning to assess risks in contracts and legal documents, find hidden costs and detect inconsistent terms.

We created complex formulas that would help our client’s customers to compare their documents and make sure they sign a win-win contract. We implemented online signatures and shared access to documents for a more productive negotiation process.

Please find more such successful projects on our projects section on our website.

When you visit Mobindustry’s profile on, you will find that we have a 30% focus on mobile app development. This happens to be one of the primary reasons for our success as a premier mobile app development company.

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