Mobindustry merges with Apriorit, a Specialized Cybersecurity R&D Company

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We are thrilled to announce that the Mobindustry team has joined the team of Apriorit, a Specialized Cybersecurity R&D Company. Our teams have a long and successful history of partnership: Mobindustry has been a part of the Apriorit holding since 2017

In May 2023, our companies started the merger process to strengthen our expertise and improve services and business processes under the Apriorit brand. We are currently integrating our processes, customers, and the team, so in the near future, Mobindustry will be fully integrated into Apriorit. We bring our expertise and rich experience in developing mobile applications and backend solutions into Apriorit, that is a powerhouse of high engineering standards, as well as strong cybersecurity and niche engineering expertise.

We are excited and absolutely confident that this synergy will be beneficial for both us and our clients.

About Apriorit

Apriorit is a boutique software engineering company with over 21 years of experience in cybersecurity and niche expertise in kernel and driver development, reverse engineering, custom software and application development. The company specializes in building custom software solutions, upgrading legacy products, configuring and maintaining cloud environments, and providing comprehensive cybersecurity services for businesses of all sizes.

Apriorit has headquarters in the US, Canada and the EU, with offices in Poland and Cyprus, as well as several development offices in Eastern Europe hosting over 20 R&D and QA teams. Apriorit delivers sophisticated software development services to Fortune 500 companies and ambitious startups worldwide.

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