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mHealth Applications: Feature-by-feature Estimate

General and Wayfinding hospital apps

FeaturesDays of development
Outdoor maps3-10
Indoor maps3-10
Doctor profiles5-10
Push notifications3-7
Blog2 – 3
Emergency call1 – 2
Listing of departments1 – 2
Working hours of the lab and the diagnosis center1 – 2
TOTAL22 – 56

Physician referral and Outpatient apps

FeaturesDays of development
Patient personal profile5-10
Doctor’s personal profile5-10
Access to EHR/EMR10-15
Video call10-30
Text Chat3 – 6
Push notifications3-7
Integration with wearables5-20
TOTAL56 – 113

Prescription and medication tracking apps

FeaturesDays of development
Personal profile5 – 10
Prescriptions5 – 10
Schedule – calendar5 – 10
Push notifications and reminders3 – 7
Integration with wearables5 – 20
TOTAL23 – 57

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