Multipurpose Fitness and Wellness Application

A fitness center app for managing
gym memberships and helping users lead healthy lifestyles
Total time of
1,500 hours
Team members
6 engineers
Android, iOS, WEB
Fitness & healthcare
Time before MVP
850 hours

Our input

Business analysis
Business analysis
Android/iOS development
Android/iOS development
Backend development
Backend development
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Project management
Project management

The Client


Our client is an Indonesian fitness brand that provides an entire ecosystem of wellness services, selling healthy food, beverages, and wellness products as well as providing online fitness classes and programs. Our client also has a fitness center where they offer fitness and workout programs.

Project idea


The main idea of this application was to bridge the online and offline customer experience with the help of mobile membership and to provide customers with access to all additional products and services our client provides. 

To do this, we needed to create a multipurpose app that would provide users with information on their memberships and offline fitness classes/programs while also allowing them to purchase products in our client’s online store.

Project background


Our client decided to create an app for customers that would enhance their experience in the fitness center, encourage them to purchase online fitness classes and programs, and promote health and wellness products that the company offers on their website.

As Indonesia is a mobile-oriented country, our client felt the need to increase their presence in the mobile domain. A mobile application would make our client’s outreach more effective due to push notifications and help them promote additional products and services to current customers.



We chose these features for the minimum viable product (MVP):


  • Personal profiles
  • Online membership
  • QR code scanner
  • Geolocation
  • Fitness class scheduling and booking
  • Settings
  • Push notifications
  • Online shop
  • Payment gateway

Additional features


In later versions of the app, we added these features: 


  • Loyalty program
  • Special offers
  • Online fitness sessions
  • Fitness class ratings and reviews
  • Order tracking



  • Provide customers with new services in the app
  • Encourage existing customers to use the app
  • Integrate application features with the offline gym experience




The biggest challenges of this project were:


  • to complement the offline experience with mobile capabilities
  • to create a multipurpose app while keeping the user interface clear



To solve the first challenge, we used a bottom bar with key features that help users navigate the app and choose whether they want to: 


  • Book an online class
  • Purchase health and wellness goods from the mobile shop
  • Use their mobile membership card in the gym


We divided all app users into three groups and thought out their user journeys according to the needs of each group.

To encourage customers to use the app, we added features that make the customer experience more convenient. For example, instead of checking the gym’s schedule on the website or booking a training session by phone, users can just launch the app and book a program online. 


We also added a QR code scanner so users can forget about carrying membership cards with them. With our client’s app, customers can now check in to the gym with a mobile phone, and the system will automatically register the visit.

Development process and results


To create an app this complex, we needed to perform business analysis. For this, we extracted all our client’s business goals for the app and created a technical specification. Because our client wanted to launch an MVP as soon as possible, we offered to use a cross-platform technology that would save our client both money and time.


To add value to the product, we added features that are unique to mobile apps:


  • Push notifications
  • Deep links
  • Advanced analytics
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile payments
  • Parcel tracking
  • Loyalty program

We chose React Native for this project to simultaneously create apps for both iOS and Android, and we adapted each app version to its platform for the best user experience.


Our team that worked on this project included:


  • 1 Business analyst
  • 2 React Native developers
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1 QA specialist
  • 1 project manager
gym app UI/ UX design
gym app features
gym booking app
gym app development

Personal profiles

Personal profiles contain brief data on a user, the membership program, loyalty program bonuses, active programs, payment methods, and app settings.


Membership management

Membership provides access to a set of lifestyle services, and each month members get a certain number of loyalty program points they can spend on services. The membership management feature automatically checks users in at a gym with the help of a QR code.


Online shop

The online store consists of a large group of features that include listings, a category tree, search and filters, a payment gateway, and a checkout.



Virtual fitness sessions

Online fitness sessions are implemented through video streaming and pre-recorded sessions that users can book and attend whenever they want.


Offline training session booking

We implemented a dynamic schedule that allows users to see what classes they can attend and then book them right away.


Technologies we used

react native
google maps
stripe sdk

What our client said about this project

gym studio
Fitness company CEO
Mobindustry was great to work with. They’re very diligent people who know the mobile market and can approach development from a business perspective

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