Tomeeto - Flutter App for Private Events

A cross-platform app for scheduling and organizing events
event app
Total time of
800 hours
Team members
6 engineers
Android, iOS
Entertainment, Social media
Time before MVP
400 hours

Our input

Discovery phase
Discovery phase
UI/UX design
UI/UX design
Flutter development
Flutter development
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Product analytics
Product analytics
Project management
Project management


Our client is a startup that wanted to create a mobile application for conveniently organizing and scheduling private events.

Project idea

The startup’s vision was rather simple: create a mobile application that would make it easy to organize private events such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, gatherings of friends, and so on. The product would allow attendees to sync their schedules and share organizational duties. 

Effortless scheduling and easy communication before an event were the primary goals of the project. 

For the minimum viable product (MVP), we chose these features:


  • Personal profiles
  • Event creation and editing
  • Guest invites
  • Event responses
  • Phone book and contacts integration
  • Integration with two calendars 
  • Text chat
  • Settings


In later versions of the app, we plan to add these features: 


  • Event search
  • Event calendar
  • Video chat
  • Social media integrations
  • Map integration


Project background

To implement their startup idea, our client decided to create a mobile application for both Android and iOS. They decided to outsource development to a mobile development team that had experience in cross-platform development and social media products.



  • Create an MVP within tight deadlines
  • Choose the right technology for the app
  • Make it easy to find and invite phone contacts and connections from different social networks
  • Build an app with a simple back end




To create a mobile app that realized our client’s idea, we needed to eliminate risks and make a thorough plan of what exactly we needed to implement. To do this, we offered to create a technical specification for the project. 

We also needed to choose the right technology based on our client’s needs, budget, and deadlines — something cross-platform and with strong performance.


Development process and results 

Because our client only had a vision for the product, we offered to create a technical specification. Our client had tight deadlines, which is why we extracted features for an MVP. Our goal was to create an app that would help users schedule and organize events. 

To achieve this goal, we focused only on features that helped with planning and communication. For scheduling, we used Apple Calendar and Google Calendar for iOS and Android respectively. 


To meet the deadline and budget expectations, we offered to use Flutter as the primary technology for this project. Flutter allows us to create cross-platform applications with a native feel, and it had all the necessary libraries and tools to implement this project’s functionality. 

After we released the MVP, we continued to work on the project based on feedback and the functionality we planned in the technical specification. For example, to expand users’ possibilities when it comes to inviting friends, we integrated the app with Facebook and other social media platforms. 


The team that worked on this project comprised: 


  • 2 Flutter developers
  • 1 business analyst
  • 1 quality assurance specialist
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 UI/UX designer
tomeeto app

Event management

With this feature, users can create, edit, and delete events. Managing an event includes adding a title, description, date, time, location, and guests.


Guest invitations

As the app has access to phone contacts and social media connections, users can invite their friends from different platforms. After an invitation is sent, a guest receives a notification and can RSVP (yes, no, maybe).


Calendar integration

Users can see events in Apple Calendar and Google Calendar.



Text chat

Text chat inside each event allows users to communicate, organize the event, and decide on details.


Map integration

We integrated Google Maps to allow users to set event locations and navigate to events.


Technologies we used

facebook api

What our client said about this project

event startup
Event app startup CEO
I was able to test-market my product fast thanks to Mobinudstry’s professionalism and productive communication.
tomeeto app

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