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pixel android q

Android Q: Release Date, Developer’s Review, Main Features

Android Pie was released not so long ago, but already the world is anticipating a new version of the most popular operating system in the world: Android Q. When will Android Q be released? What changes will it bring? Find out in this article.

16.04.2019 Featured Post 970 views 8 min

How We Optimized the Sales Funnel for Our Ecommerce Client: Mobile App Redesign

We’ve been working on our retail client’s mobile app for almost four years. To increase sales through the application and reflect changes to business, our client decided to redesign the application. In this case study, we show how we used data about user behavior to change the UI — and, most importantly, the UX — to make the sale funnel shorter and more effective.

03.04.2019 Featured Post 935 views 6 min

Guide to Develop a Healthcare App

With the advent of technology and the widespread use of the internet, today you can receive reliable healthcare anywhere, anytime. This has led to an increase in internet-based healthcare solutions ranging from simple information providing services to complex Internet of Things products.

01.04.2019 Featured Post 13077 views 10 min

Managing Risk When Outsourcing Your Mobile Development Project to a Contractor

Outsourcing a project that will influence your business is always a risk. Especially if you don’t know the contractor well and don’t have anybody who can vouch for them. Business owners use different criteria to assess outsourcing software development companies and choose a team: price, development time, Clutch rating, portfolio, etc. We decided to analyze the risks when outsourcing a project and talk about how we help our clients avoid these risks with Mobindustry.

26.03.2019 Featured Post 817 views 9 min

How to Choose a Perfect Architecture for iOS: MVC vs MVVM vs Redux

Architecture is a fundamental part of your app. It’s what you build your app on top of. You should think about the architecture before you begin development and keep in mind both the technical and business purposes your iOS app will serve in the future. Choosing an architecture that’s clear and simple yet able to scale is a real challenge, and as an iOS developer, I feel that traditional iOS architectural patterns are sometimes hard to work with.

26.03.2019 Featured Post 1846 views 6 min

How to Develop a HIPAA Compliant mHealth App

HIPAA is the most important legislation for anyone who wants to create healthcare-related software for the US market. While developing mHealth apps is complex, complying with HIPAA and even merely understanding all its requirements is a much bigger challenge.

26.03.2019 Featured Post 1264 views 6 min

6 Steps for Creating an Agriculture App for a Farm Business (+ Popular Features): Update 2020

Farming, which has existed since the dawn of humanity, is no longer considered as traditional and conservative as it used to be. Modern farming is digital, technological, and innovative; and with a growing number of people to feed, this trend is likely to continue. Mobile technology is already widespread in the agricultural industry, but there’s still plenty of space for improvement. Let’s see how to create an agriculture app that will optimize farming.

19.03.2019 Featured Post 3584 views 9 min

Legacy Project Refactoring: Handling API Errors with Retrofit2 and RxJava

Legacy projects have their own peculiarities, and working with them can be a challenge. Such projects are constantly expanding, and developers are adding new API requests, technologies, frameworks, libraries, and more. An architecture that was once great becomes outdated and can’t handle so many extra structures. This is when the time comes for refactoring.

28.02.2019 Featured Post 1358 views 6 min

How We Increased Offline Sales by Connecting a Mobile Retail Platform to Brick-and-Mortar Stores with Location-Based Notifications

To drive offline sales through the mobile app experience, we implemented location-based push notifications for our retail client. Read about how we implemented this feature and what challenges we encountered. Thanks to our quality assurance experts and lots of research on the part of our developers, we were able to increase both time spent in the app and the retention rate.

28.02.2019 Featured Post 673 views 4 min

Development Experience: Flutter vs React Native

Flutter and React Native are cross-platform frameworks that were developed by two tech giants as technologies to power apps of the future. Flutter is young compared to the more mature React Native, but both are still new on the market and have every chance of becoming the most widely used framework. I decided to create a small and simple project in both Flutter and React Native and share my impressions with you.

26.02.2019 Featured Post 2585 views 7 min

React Native vs Flutter. What to Choose for Your Next Project

Though the mobile market is more stable and standardized than it used to be, new languages, frameworks, and libraries continue to emerge. React Native started a revolution in cross-platform development when it came out. Now Flutter is the new kid on the block. What is Flutter about, how is it different from React Native, and should you choose it for your next development project? Find out in this article.

26.02.2019 Featured Post 4021 views 8 min

Overcoming Inconsistencies in a Logistics App: Connecting Native Features with a React Native Module

We’ve been working with a large European logistics company for three years, building and supporting their customer-facing mobile app. In this case study, we describe how we set up efficient communication between customers and the client’s support team via a chatbot integrated with the Salesforce platform.

31.01.2019 Featured Post 732 views 3 min
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