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How to Monetize an App with Mobile Ads and Not Fail

According to E-marketer, by 2019 mobile advertising will represent 72% of digital ad spending in the United States. With people spending more time in mobile applications, mobile ads are becoming a win-win for marketers and mobile app owners.

29.01.2018 Featured Post 904 views 8 min

10 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools with Comparison

How can you improve your application and get people to enjoy it more? For this you’ll need to become an explorer and see what your users are doing – then you’ll be able to find out what works and what doesn’t.

17.01.2018 Featured Post 807 views 8 min

Tips on Implementing In-App Purchases to Monetize Your App

Isn’t it weird to spend money on food that you aren’t even going to eat? It appears that it isn’t.
People gladly spend real money on virtual goods in their favorite mobile applications. This is called in-app purchasing, and it’s one of the best mechanisms for monetizing your app.

03.01.2018 Featured Post 870 views 10 min

Tips on Integrating Google Maps in an Android App

Nowadays, almost every type of app uses maps: ecommerce, dating, travel, fitness, and more. Location-based services are present in many apps as a core or additional feature. Using Google Maps in an app opens a whole range of possibilities to increase loyalty to your product.

03.01.2018 Featured Post 990 views 8 min

How to Convert Website to Mobile App?

When we offer our services to ecommerce businesses that already have mobile websites, we often hear something like this:
— “It’s too expensive for us.”
— “We aren’t ready for this kind of investment.”

29.12.2017 Featured Post 829 views 10 min

How to Implement any iOS App as an iMessage Application

Before 2016, iMessage was simply the default messaging application for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iMessage extensions meant not only sending and receiving iMessages, but also includes sharing media files and stickers. Now it is even possible to make payments!

26.12.2017 Featured Post 818 views 6 min

How to integrate Google maps and Apple maps in iOS?

Since 2005, when Google presented its first web mapping service to the public, maps have evolved drastically. Today, mapping services are present in almost all kinds of applications. In this article, we’ll tell you how to integrate Google Maps and Apple Maps into an iOS app.

01.12.2017 Featured Post 908 views 12 min

Google Maps vs Apple Maps: best choice for your mobile solution

Say you need to find a route to your hotel in another city, or locate the nearest restaurants — maps are there for you. Having trouble identifying where you are, exactly? Maps can help with that, too. Late for a meeting? Maps can show you the way wherever you are.

01.12.2017 Featured Post 885 views 10 min

The Best App Launch Strategy Before the New Year

Well, well, well. The New Year is just around the corner, and your app doesn’t seem to be ready for release. Your client insists it is released before the New Year, and now you need to figure out how to launch your app around the holidays.

01.12.2017 Featured Post 307 views 7 min

App Store Optimization (ASO): Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

Your app is finally ready for release and now the whole world needs to know about it. Is there an effective way to get noticed among millions of mobile apps? We will give an answer in this article.

01.12.2017 Featured Post 452 views 7 min

The Omnichannel Approach to Building Mobile Apps

If you think back to the last major purchase that you made, you likely checked multiple sources before coming to a final decision to actually make the purchase. But, there was a time that consumers would simply ask a friend, or buy whatever worked for them the last time.

16.11.2017 Featured Post 581 views 7 min

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

There’s a golden rule in sales: the easier the payment process is, the higher the probability the customer will buy the product. This is especially true for ecommerce, where any problem with a mobile payment can be a serious obstacle to purchasing.

08.11.2017 Featured Post 1503 views 8 min