Useful Libraries for Flutter Development Productivity

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Flutter is one of the most popular and advanced cross-platform development frameworks. Google developers and a large active community contribute a lot to making this framework easy to use. Libraries are a big part of its growth.

Top libraries to use in your Flutter project

Libraries make the Flutter mobile app development easier and faster, so make sure to take advantage of these great packages. I divided them into categories so you can easily find a library that addresses your needs and issues at any stage of development.

State management and architecture libraries

Flutter BLoC

The BLoC (Business Logic Component) pattern is the most popular and recommended architecture for Flutter applications. It’s based on widgets and allows developers to gather all the business logic of a Flutter app in a single component — a BLoC. Use this Flutter component library with the bloc state management package.

Inherited widget

This Flutter library simplifies state management by organizing classes in trees, where information can be passed down to child classes automatically so that a developer doesn’t need to add code in every child class. The inherited widget makes state transitions simple, as lower-level widgets in a tree don’t affect widgets above them.


This relatively new library simplifies state management by allowing you to rebuild widget trees without excessive code generation. It’s an elegant solution that’s simple to grasp and implement. 


This library can be used instead of the Inherited Widget and Provider to access objects from your user interface. It’s a great Splat-inspired tool for structuring your app for maximum performance. 



Offers great out-of-the-box animations for Flutter app. The package includes basic and popular animations most apps use. 

Simple Animations

This library offers unified API, pre-built customizable animations for stateless widgets, staggered animations, and animation debugging.

Flutter animate

This Flutter package gives you access to various animations and effects like fade, scale, slide, blur, etc. You can build your animations and sync the to events like scroll or notifications.

Flutter app development
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Messaging and notifications

Awesome notifications

This library allows you to create notifications for all platforms, including Web, add images, sounds, and buttons to notifications, and customize their layouts. With Awesome notifications, you can schedule notifications and receive events when a user receives, taps, or dismisses a notification. 

Firebase messaging

flutter firebase

This library lets you connect your Flutter app with a Firebase service and send messages to Android and iOS apps.

Connection and network


Dio is an HTTP client for Dart, which makes it easy to handle many network requests simultaneously and handle errors effectively. It eliminates any boilerplate code associated with using a usual HTTP package.

Flutter Blue

This plugin will connect your Flutter app with Bluetooth devices on both Android and iOS.

Flutter IoT Wi-Fi

With this library, you can easily connect your app to an IoT ecosystem through an access point.

Connectivity plus

This plug-in allows you to quickly find cellular or Wi-Fi network connections and configure the app accordingly. 

User Interface Design

Responsive framework

This fantastic tool automatically adjusts your user interface and all its elements to various screen widths. 

Font Awesome Flutter

Get access to over 1500 unique icons you can use in your Flutter applications. 

Auto size text

flutter app development

This library automatically adjusts the text size according to the element it’s in so that it doesn’t exceed the limits.

Image picker

You can use this package to take pictures with the device’s camera and select already existing images from a device’s gallery on Android and iOS. 

FL Chart

library flutter

This is the most popular library for creating beautiful animated charts in your app to showcase data clearly and visually. It supports three basic types of charts: line, bar, and pie.

Styled Widget

This library will help you create beautiful widgets easily through the same logic used in CSS and SwiftUI. Styled Widget for Flutter integrates with your code base and allows you to construct functional and sophisticated widgets for your user interface easily.


This library allows you to create amazing user interfaces without worrying about widget stylization too much — develop them using property builders, and focus more on your app’s functionality. 


This Flutter package provides a beautifully animated bottom navigation for your Flutter app. The navigation bar is highly customizable and uses your current theme by default. 

Flutter app development
Are you planning to build a mobile app for your business? We’ll deliver you a cost-effective solution that will help you achieve your business goals

Tools for developers

URL Launcher

This library works on all platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, web, and macOS, and allows you to open a URL in mobile apps in different ways. 

Path provider

This library helps you orient your project files, and locate and manage them. It supports macOS, Linux, and both mobile platforms.

Cached Network Image

You can display cache images from the web and use them for error and placeholder widgets.


This library allows you to easily create errors, warnings, brief information messages, and user alerts. With this library, you can inform users about certain events and lead them through activities.


This library is a powerful tool for developing clean apps without spaghetti or boilerplate code. It offers many pre-built classes that help you avoid repeating code in widgets.

Social Share

With Social Share, you can add all kinds of sharing options to your application, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and more. Copy to clipboard is also available, and this library works on Android and iOS. 

App links

Get access to all kinds of links like iOS Universal Links, Android App Links, Deep Links, and a custom URL schemes handler for Flutter that works on all platforms, including desktop.

Routing and navigation

Auto route

This is the best deep linking tool in Flutter which automatically generates all the necessary information for routing and navigation. 


This popular routing library offers lots of flexible routing options, including wildcards, clear route definitions, and named parameters.


This is another tool that allows developers to manage their navigation easily and supports parameter passing.

Geolocation and maps

Flutter Maps

This is one of the most versatile and flexible packages for map integration based on leaflet.js. You can configure and customize your maps as you see fit. 


With this plugin, you get all generic geolocation functions for your Flutter app on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Google Maps Flutter

This library allows you to integrate and benefit from the most advanced map service Google Maps in your Flutter application. It’s available for Android and iOS.

Flutter app development
Are you planning to build a mobile app for your business? We’ll deliver you a cost-effective solution that will help you achieve your business goals

Desktop Flutter


This library is a shortcut for making Win32 API calls accessible to Dart without the Windows SDK or a C compiler. 

Auto Updated

With this library, your desktop Flutter apps can be updated automatically so that users get the latest version of your app with all its fixes and new functionality without downloading the installation file. 



With this library, you can embed a reliable, self-contained SQL database engine into your Flutter application. It’s available on Android, iOS, and macOS. SQFlite supports transactions and batches, offers automatic version management, and helpers for managing queries. 


This is a reactive persistence library for Flutter and Dart, built on the base of SQLite. It has lots of SQLite benefits but makes its functionality simpler by abstracting it. 


This is a high-speed and well-performing NoSQL database for Flutter and Dart. It’s made by an author of Hive — one of the most popular database packages for Flutter. But as the author says, Isar is better in every way, and it’s currently getting more popular. 

Mobile gaming


This game engine for Flutter allows you to create simple games with a selection of independent modules.


This toolkit allows you to build anything from a complex 2D animation to a high-end mobile game. 


This is a lightweight gaming engine you can use to build games. Quill operates on quills and feathers — simple components that render game objects.

Flutter app development
Are you planning to build a mobile app for your business? We’ll deliver you a cost-effective solution that will help you achieve your business goals

Why Flutter is excellent for your development project

Flutter is one of the fast-developing and beloved frameworks for mobile and web development. Its high performance and widget-based development have made it extremely popular.

Its ever-growing community of developers is constantly improving the Flutter framework and expanding its possibilities. The result is a wide range of libraries that save development time and allow engineers to benefit from out-of-the-box solutions.

These libraries allow developers to accelerate the development speed and cut the cost to build a Flutter app.

Flutter is perfect for small and mid-sized projects, and we at Mobindustry recommend it to most of our clients as a great cost-efficient solution. Why choose a cross-platform Flutter framework? 

The answer is simple: to build smart apps with a native feel for all platforms, using just a single code base and save around 40% of your budget you’d spend on native development. 

Final thoughts

There are countless Flutter component libraries available that cover nearly all developers’ needs. With libraries, you can save substantial time instead of developing everything yourself. 

They help to build a reliable and flexible architecture, locate files, integrate third-party services, create beautiful UI and animations, and develop separate features. 
If you’re looking to hire a Flutter app developer who can deliver software on time and within budget, make sure to contact us. We’ll build your app and ensure it corresponds to your business goals and caters to your target audience.

Flutter app development
Are you planning to build a mobile app for your business? We’ll deliver you a cost-effective solution that will help you achieve your business goals

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