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11 Web Application Security Best Practices You Need to Know

According to Security Magazine, a cyber attack takes place somewhere in the world every 39 seconds. As hackers become hungrier for people’s sensitive data and the number of cyberattacks increases, it’s vital to ensure reliable protection of your web app.

27.11.2019 Featured Post 576 views 8 min

Complete Guide to Web Development for Nonprofits

The main goal of a nonprofit website is to spark emotion in its visitors and encourage them to donate or help the organization in some way. People that visit such websites may already be motivated, but sometimes they just need a push to take the final step

26.11.2019 Featured Post 455 views 7 min

Case Study: How I Created a Demo Mobile App in Flutter for Different Domains

I created a demo project for use by businesses that sell products and services of various types. This app has a catalog, product profiles and ratings. The content in the app can be changed easily, so clients are able to get a personalized demonstration product in a short amount of time.

25.10.2019 Featured Post 870 views 6 min

Why Does Your Product Company Need to Outstaff Developers Even If You Have In-house Devs?

Every entrepreneur knows that the team is one of the most important parts of any business. While you might have great market opportunities, the team is what makes a great product or a great service.

22.10.2019 Featured Post 597 views 9 min

9 Best Frameworks for Web Development in 2020

Each year, the landscape of web development frameworks changes: some frameworks grow in popularity thanks to new possibilities; others lose community members or experience stagnation. In this article, we’ll talk about frameworks for frontend and backend web development that will likely remain popular in 2020.

22.10.2019 Featured Post 715 views 9 min

How to Make Sure Your App Is Secure: Penetration Testing

There are many types of testing that ensure an app’s security. Whether you own a healthcare app that stores and transfers sensitive patient data or a retail app that handles users’ payment information, penetration testing might be one of the most important steps in your quality assurance strategy

22.10.2019 Featured Post 591 views 7 min

iOS 13: Features and Improvements for Users and Developers

Last year, iOS 12 seemed a little boring to users, as it focused on performance and security issues. Though this year there are still lots of performance and security improvements, Apple developers have given us flashy new features. In this article, we provide a iOS 13 review (and its 13.1 update); we also discuss the changes that await iOS app owners.

15.10.2019 Featured Post 578 views 9 min
scooter sharing features

How to Set Up the Backend and Admin Panel for a Scooter Sharing Startup: Top Web Technologies

A scooter sharing business is relatively easy to start: all you need are scooters, a mobile app, and of course a reliable backend. The backend is responsible for all the business logic of the application and allows you to control your operations in real time. Read about how to implement your own backend, along with an admin panel, and how much it will cost.

30.09.2019 Featured Post 751 views 8 min

How to Build Effective Tests for Your Android App

Testing is an integral part of software development. Inserting test scripts in code ensures the smooth performance of an app. And in order to fill code with tests, one has to adhere to a certain architecture. In this article, we’ll talk about basic principles and frameworks for building tests for Android

25.09.2019 Featured Post 629 views 8 min

How to Create a Telemedicine Application and How Much It Costs

Half of US hospitals already have telemedicine programs, but telemedicine is also interesting for entrepreneurs, private practices, healthcare systems, medical organizations, and even insurance companies. So what is telemedicine and how can you make it work for your business? Find out in this article.

23.09.2019 Featured Post 1119 views 11 min

How to Develop Employee Scheduling Software: Features and Cost

Managing a workforce is hard. It’s even harder when a company operates more than one location and has more than a dozen employees. The magic wand that saves the day for many businesses is employee scheduling software. There are a lot of out-of-the-box applications on the market; however, many business owners seek a custom solution tailored to the needs of their company.

23.09.2019 Featured Post 555 views 9 min

First Time Working With Outsourcing: How We Built Communication With a Client Team

Our client, an Indonesian fitness company, decided to create a mobile app to satisfy the demands of their customers. We created a technical specification, built an MVP, and deployed it within strict deadlines. In this case study, we describe how we optimized the customer experience with a mobile app and integrated that app into an existing web system for both clients and administrators.

23.09.2019 Featured Post 516 views 3 min
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