Top 10 Car Insurance Mobile Apps to Learn from

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Car insurance companies started to use mobile apps a long time ago. The ones who have done it right are thriving. In this article, I answer two common questions:
What should I add to my car insurance app to differentiate it from competitors?
What are the top car insurance applications in 2023?

3 ways to improve your car insurance app

The market is full of great car insurance mobile apps. Some have basic features; some try to stand out. A good car insurance app doesn’t just offer insurance; it provides users with greater value.

Here are the main types of car insurance apps.

Money-saving car insurance apps

People are always looking for ways to save money on car insurance. These apps let them do that. Consider adding the following features:

  1. Driving tips to save money. Use machine learning to analyze a user’s driving style and suggest changes to improve driving efficiency — for example, to reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Gas station suggestions. Use geolocation to suggest places where it’s cheaper to refuel.
  3. Driving rewards. Reward careful drivers with discounts and special offers.

Time-saving car insurance apps

Saving your users’ time can expand your user base. Consider adding these services to your app:

  1. Route planning. This feature builds an optimal route to the destination and gives tips on saving time. It can also predict traffic jams and suggest an optimal route accordingly.
  2. Simplified processes. Optimize the policy registration and claims filing processes to save time for your users.

Risk-reducing car insurance apps

These apps can’t save people from car accidents, but they can minimize the risk with the help of these features:

  1. Tips for safe driving. Again, this is a job for machine learning.
  2. Route planning. Considering the safety factor.
  3. Telematics. Add telematics so parents can be aware of their teen’s behavior on the road

What are the 10 best car insurance apps?


GEICO is one of the best auto insurance applications. The GEICO Mobile app is ranked #1 on Dynatrace’s Mobile Insurance Scorecard. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, letting users use basic features by voice. This app isn’t suitable for making big changes to insurance policies, however. The GEICO app is ranked #17 in the Finance category on the App Store. It allows users to pay their insurance bills, view insurance documents, file claims, and access roadside assistance.

The GEICO app also has an in-app parking locator and a virtual assistant named Kate that can answer quick questions on policies. And should a user get into an accident, they can even send photos of damage right through the app. Also, GEICO has integrated augmented reality in a feature called GEICO Explore that allows users to save places they want to see.

Pros and cons of GEICO Mobile:


  • Fast access to policies
  • Easy claim submission
  • Lots of discounts and benefits
  • Easy repair process


  • GEICO focuses on internet and phone-based service. The network of agents is relatively small, so finding a local agent to consult in person can be hard.
  • Making big policy changes through the app is challenging.
  • Low reviews for customer service.

Liberty Mutual Mobile

Liberty Mutual Mobile is a free app designed to help Liberty Mutual policyholders manage their accounts and policies anytime, anywhere. The Liberty Mutual Mobile app lets users view ID cards and electronically sign documents, pay bills, submit claims, call roadside support, and upload pictures of accidents.

Express Estimate is a feature that lets users get an auto repair estimate on claims in one day. With the Liberty Mutual app, customers can keep track of vehicle repairs and check the status of payments.

Pros and cons of Liberty Mutual Mobile:


  • Different coverage types
  • Discounts and benefits
  • Affordable car insurance premiums
  • Excellent financial ratings


  • Discounts not available in some states
  • Average or lower customer satisfaction
  • Complaints about claims procedures


Cover is the best app for car insurance clients who want to save time. Cover is a mobile app powered by artificial intelligence that uses expert advice to match users with policies that work for them. The app checks over 30 insurance companies and finds the best rates for the coverage chosen. Basically, Cover does the work of comparison shopping for users and helps them save money. If users have any questions, they can reach the app’s insurance advisors.

Cover users just need to answer a few questions and get a quote. The process takes less than five minutes. Users can provide their payment information for secure billing, add a vehicle to a policy, and communicate with Cover agents via in-app messaging.

Pros and cons of Cover:


  • Quickly finds perfect coverage
  • Provides a customized experience
  • Helps users save money


  • Some customers claim that getting a quote takes a while


Root is not a traditional car insurance company. It doesn’t base rates on usual demographics; instead, it uses the Root mobile app to measure driving behavior and offers rates based on how users actually drive. Root’s rates are low because this method removes bad drivers from the equation.

Car rental insurance with Root starts at $6 a month. Good drivers can save up to 52% on car insurance, and the app makes sure Root customers don’t pay for bad drivers. In the app, users can add vehicles and drivers, file claims, submit photos, etc. Roadside assistance is available with every policy. Users can even order free Lyft rides on select holidays. The Root app has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, The Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine. Root car insurance is ranked #17 in the Finance category on the App Store.

Pros and cons of Root:


  • Low, transparent rates
  • Rewards for good drivers
  • Free roadside help
  • Fast claims
  • Good support


  • Not every driver can qualify
  • If you get into accidents, you’ll pay more


With Metromile, you pay for the distance you drive. So if you drive less, you save more. Insurance starts with a low monthly rate, then goes up at a low rate for each mile. This is suitable for those who don’t drive that often. In the Metromile app you can file a claim, add drivers, get 24/7 roadside assistance, and order glass repair. You can also use the app to find your car if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Pros and cons of Metromile:

  • Money-saving
  • Complete insurance coverage
  • Discounts and benefits
  • Not available in all states
  • Privacy concerns related to vehicle tracking. Users can disable Metromile’s GPS functionality to avoid tracking

State Farm

The State Farm insurance app has basic features for paying bills, filing claims, accessing roadside assistance, and viewing policy documents. It also has banking features for transferring funds between State Farm accounts, checking account balances, and depositing checks.

Thanks to Apple Pay integration, users can quickly pay bills. Also, users can add their State Farm ID cards to Apple Wallet. Users can log in to the State Farm app with Touch ID, Face ID, or a pin and use Siri to view ID cards, check the status of claims, and find nearby ATMs. The State Farm app is ranked #48 in the Finance category on the App Store.

Pros and cons of State Farm:

  • Quick and easy claims filing
  • Track driving to earn discounts
  • Some photos can’t be processed if the file size is too large
  • Requires mobile data for device tracking

Esurance Mobile

Esurance Mobile is an upcoming app that has basic features necessary for any car insurance application. With Esurance Mobile, users can pay their bills and view their policy documents, access roadside assistance, file a claim, update payment methods, and send photos.

Pros and cons of Esurance Mobile:


  • Lots of discounts for emergency roadside assistance, online shopping, multiple policies, and claim-free status
  • A modern approach to insurance
  • Smooth claims process
  • Log in with Touch ID


  • History of being quite buggy
  • Costs more than Progressive and GEICO
  • Reviews on the claims process are mediocre


The Progressive app is one of the best auto insurance apps. As usual, you get the basic set of features for making payments, requesting roadside assistance, filing claims, and adding photos to claims. The Progressive app also gives you various options for getting a quote: you can enter data, provide information on your current coverage, or name the price you’re willing to pay and the app will tell you if it has options for you. The Progressive app is ranked #22 in the Finance category on the App Store.

Pros and cons of Progressive:

  • Easy and convenient
  • In-app support without calling
  • Multiple quotes
  • Low-cost auto insurance
  • Pet injury protection if you buy collision coverage
  • Average ratings by J.D. Power
  • Getting a discount requires the installation of a monitoring device for 6 months in some states


Allstate Mobile is an app from Allstate, one of the most trusted insurance providers in America. It is one of the most popular car insurance apps. The app’s primary features include bill pay, roadside assistance, and claim submission through the QuickFoto Claim system. The Allstate app even has a parking locator and gas finder, and Allstate recently added its Drivewise system that provides good drivers with lower rates. Allstate Mobile is ranked #39 in the Finance category on the App Store.

Pros and cons of Allstate:

  • Quick and easy claims service
  • Discounts for safe driving
  • Sound system coverage
  • Only six-month auto insurance policies
  • Below average according to J.D. Power

USAA Mobile

The USAA Mobile app is strictly for military members and provides a wide range of services including banking and insurance. Users can get real-time stock quotes, place stock market trades, pay bills, get an ID card, request roadside assistance, and report claims. The app supports a pin or biometric authentication. USAA Mobile is ranked #57 in the Finance category on the App Store.

Pros and cons of USAA Mobile:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Secure payments
  • USAA returns a portion of its profits to members
  • Deposits and other banking services available 24/7
  • Only available to current and former members of the U.S. Military
  • Withdrawals available only from ATMs


Adding a mobile application to your car insurance business can mark a turning point in your business growth. Think through what you want to add to your car insurance app to distinguish it from competitors. The most important features of car insurance apps are bill pay, claims submission, roadside support, and uploading pictures of accidents. In addition, you can add money-saving, time-saving, and tension-reducing features, or you can come up with something brand-new. Keep in mind the needs of your target audience when developing your mobile application.

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