Developing a mobile application can be expensive. It’s common to spend more than expected. In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of possible hidden costs of mobile app development.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Before discussing the hidden costs of mobile app development, let’s find out how the cost of app development is formed.
App development cost depends on these factors:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Hourly rate of your development team
  • Project size

The biggest factor that influences an app’s cost is the hourly rate of developers, and that often depends on location. For example, an application that costs $40,000 to build in the US will cost around $9,000 if developed by engineers in Ukraine.

mobile app development cost breakdown

Developing your app with a company based in Eastern Europe is cost-effective and gives you access to top talent.

Types of hidden costs

Hidden costs of mobile app development can be divided into four categories:

  • Functional costs
  • Administrative costs
  • Infrastructure costs
  • IT support costs

Let’s dive into each of these categories.

Functional costs

Functional costs are the costs of implementing an app’s functionality. To make a particular functionality work, you might need to subscribe to a service that provides a delivery mechanism. The number of services used by apps varies, and sometimes the list is endless. As for the cost of these services, it may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Here are a few examples of paid services:

  • SMS notification
  • Push notification
  • Social media integrations
  • Email

Administrative costs

Administrative services can provide you with constant access to data so you can update your app’s content and manage users without contacting the IT department. The costs of such administrative services are hard to predict and mainly depend on the type of mobile app you’re developing. These costs add up, and you’ll have to pay them on an ongoing basis. Here are a few examples of such paid administrative services:

  • Content management tools
  • Dashboard emulators
  • Functional services management
  • Dynamic updates
  • Analytics/event collectors
  • Access controls
  • Data segmentation

Infrastructure costs

Infrastructure costs include expenses for app hosting, data storage, and data delivery. These services also require redundancies and load balancers for backup and security servers. All of this adds to both the cost and complexity of a project. Examples of infrastructure cost items:

  • Servers
  • Content delivery networks
  • Data storage
  • Image data
  • Development tools, libraries, and support

Mobile app development

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IT support costs

You can’t make a high-quality app without IT support services/ Continuous technical support is a major part of maintaining any app. The only problem is that support costs can increase over time. Examples of IT support services include:

  • App update submissions
  • iOS and Android updates
  • API maintenance
  • Bug fixing

7 hidden costs of developing an app

Releasing the app to the app stores

When developers build mobile apps, they keep in mind app store requirements. But ask the development companies on your shortlist if they will also handle placing your app in the app stores. Not all companies do that.
When it comes to app store fees, the cost isn’t that significant. The Apple App Store and Amazon charge $99 a year, and Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25.
When you release an app to an app store, you have to play by the rules of that store.

The requirements can change with new updates to the app store, and your app will have to be updated to comply. And additional changes always mean additional costs.


Developing a mobile application can take quite some time. Then comes the release to the app store. People wait a long time not only to see their product in action but to see it succeed. But even if a product is well built, it still needs to beat its competitors. A quarter of mobile apps are only opened once. Usually, this is due to poor marketing. You need to make sure your target audience can see, try, and like your app.

Planning quality marketing strategies and campaigns is vital for spreading the word about your app and increasing sales. But it comes with a price. Basic PR and marketing support will cost around $5,000 to $10,000 a month. Some companies spend over $100,000 a month to keep their mobile app at the top.

For an additional free marketing approach, you can use app store optimization (ASO). It’s the easiest way to generate organic traffic. If you’ve ever promoted a website, you already know what SEO is, but there are some differences. ASO uses a set of keywords along with a text description, product name, and visual design components to attract the target audience.


Any app, whether it’s a mobile web app or even a website, needs regular updates, maintenance, and technical support. But not all app development companies provide maintenance services. So before signing a contract for app development, confirm that a company will take care of the app after its launch. Mobindustry always takes care of the products we release.

Good app developers keep up with iOS and Android operating system updates. This means that cooperation with your development company should not stop after your app is launched. Sure, keeping your app updated requires more investment. So discuss the price of app maintenance before you start development.

Mobile app development

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App security

App security is a major concern. Users have to trust your app with their information. For this reason, you should have a proper security plan.
Here’s a list of things you should know before making a security plan with your development team:

  • If your development team wants to use third-party frameworks and libraries, make sure they check their security.
  • Ask your developers to test code for vulnerabilities as much as possible.
  • Reduce the number of access permissions in your app. Don’t offer access to contacts or the camera unless it’s necessary.
  • Make sure your development team performs regular code reviews.

Note that if you include all these activities in the development process, it will take longer than you expected. The cost will also go up. But in the long run, it will ensure your app is secure. Also, remember that your app needs to stay in compliance with applicable laws.

Hosting and servers

Once your app is ready, you need to store and process its data somewhere. That’s another cost of app development. Usually, all data (photos, videos, locations, etc.) is stored on servers. Servers run software that takes requests, processes them, and returns a response. Almost every mobile application has a backend server.

For data storage purposes, many developers today prefer to use cloud services. You can use mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) solutions, Amazon Web Services, or build your own cloud service.
So, you need to consider server cost for mobile app. Pay attention to monthly cloud storage fees, which usually increase as your app grows. Facebook pays about $1.5 billion annually for data storage.

Nowadays, the most popular cloud storage service is Amazon S3. At first, Amazon data storage won’t cost you a thing. Your app can store its data for free. But as soon as it needs more than 5 GB of storage, you’ll have to pay.

android app development cost

Remember that storage fees are not the only expense associated with cloud storage. You also might need to pay for different manipulations with data like requests, storage management, data transfers, etc.

how much does it cost to hire an app developer

You can find a full list of costs for S3 services on the Amazon S3 pricing page.

Software licenses

When developing a mobile application, you might need to use different SDKs and libraries. Most of them are free and open-source. But some are paid or offer paid upgrades from the limited free version. This kind of software allows developers to decrease the time they need to implement features.

For instance, say your app needs flexible search, a feature that lets users search anything they need by name, location, and other parameters. Your development team could build this functionality from scratch, but it would be time-consuming, taking up to 100 hours. To get a rough estimate of how much it cost to develop an app, just multiply the time required by your developer’s hourly rate. A developer’s rate depends on the region and company.

To save some money and time, it’s common to use paid solutions. By paying for a software license, you can decrease the cost of development. However, it’s best to consult with professionals when making this decision. Your development team will know what’s best for your project.

Here are some paid versions of popular libraries:

average cost to develop an iphone app

All these solutions have free versions, but their full versions have more functionality.

Multiple platforms

If it’s your first time making an app, you might be surprised that each mobile platform requires its own programming languages. A native iOS app won’t work on Android, and vice versa. If you’re going for native development, you’ll need both iOS and Android developers Due to this, the mobile app development cost will increase.
This only concerns native apps, however. Hybrid apps are built with web technologies and run on multiple platforms.


Developing a mobile application is expensive and time-consuming. I hope that now you know how much app development cost. The cost of a mobile app mainly depends on its features, design, and project size as well as the hourly rate of your development team. But there are also a few hidden costs that are not so obvious. In this article, we explained what these costs are and why you need to pay them. To sum up, here’s a list of the top seven hidden costs of mobile app development:

  • Placing apps in the app stores
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Software licenses
  • Hosting and servers
  • Support for multiple platforms

Before signing a contract to develop your mobile app, discuss these costs with your development team. It might save you money in the long run and it will certainly help you plan your expenses more accurately.

Mobile app development

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