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Building a Scooter Sharing App Like Lime, Nextbike, and Mobike

Electric scooters are a fast and fun way to get around. However, not all scooter fans want to deal with everything that ownership entails, which gives scooter sharing services the perfect target audience. Learn about the benefits and challenges of scooter sharing and find out how to create your own scooter share app.

23.05.2019 Featured Post 806 views 10 min

What to Expect at WWDС 2019: News, Rumors & Product Announcements

The Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC 2019, will take place this June. This is one of the biggest, most hyped events in the world of technology, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming. However, while it’s still one month away, we can make predictions based on previous years and play a guessing game. Join us to find out what to expect from Apple in 2019!

21.05.2019 Featured Post 271 views 6 min

Top 8 Carsharing Mobile Apps

It’s more than likely that the days of traditional car rentals are numbered, as carsharing programs are growing in popularity at a tremendous pace. This article describes the current state of the carsharing market and provides a list of the most successful operators in this field.

16.05.2019 Featured Post 451 views 11 min

6 Ways to Market Your Doctor’s Office with a Mobile App

For the first few years, you need to build your medical practice’s base of patients. Later, people will lead their friends and relatives to you by themselves. But how can you go about promoting yourself as a doctor at the very beginning? Even more importantly, how can you turn one-time patients into regular patients?

14.05.2019 Featured Post 9936 views 5 min

How to Create a Rideshare App for Your Offline Business

In just a few years, ridesharing has become one of the most lucrative business models. Though there are lots of players on the market, ridesharing app development is in high demand. In this article, we share useful tips on how to make a rideshare app and tell all there is to know about the development process and cost.

10.05.2019 Featured Post 475 views 10 min

How to Create a Femtech Startup: Mobile Apps for Women

Femtech is a rising industry that’s attracting tens of millions in investment and has all the chances of becoming a multibillion-dollar industry. The term femtech was coined back in 2015 by a Danish female entrepreneur who founded one of the first femtech startups. Now there are already lots of femtech apps out there, but the market demand is still far from being met.

08.05.2019 Featured Post 461 views 8 min

How to Build an Engaging Mobile Application for an Amusement Park: Features and Cost

The world’s biggest amusement parks attract millions of people to enjoy rides, see their favorite characters, eat popcorn, and have the time of their lives. If you’re thinking about how you can compete with other parks, attract even more people, and optimize the world of fun you’ve created, we have the answer: a mobile app.

08.05.2019 Featured Post 353 views 10 min

How We Rebranded a Big Logistics Application and Increased Loyalty: Mobile App Redesign

Our client is a European logistics company that decided to create a customer-facing mobile app over three years ago. We deployed the app and have continued supporting it. But over the years, UI and UX standards have changed. In this case study, we describe how we redesigned both the visual aspects and business logic of this logistics app. We made the app more compelling, modern, and competitive, increasing the loyalty of our client’s end customers.

22.04.2019 Featured Post 204 views 4 min
pixel android q

Android Q: Release Date, Developer’s Review, Main Features

Android Pie was released not so long ago, but already the world is anticipating a new version of the most popular operating system in the world: Android Q. When will Android Q be released? What changes will it bring? Find out in this article.

16.04.2019 Featured Post 314 views 8 min

How We Optimized the Sales Funnel for Our Ecommerce Client: Mobile App Redesign

We’ve been working on our retail client’s mobile app for almost four years. To increase sales through the application and reflect changes to business, our client decided to redesign the application. In this case study, we show how we used data about user behavior to change the UI — and, most importantly, the UX — to make the sale funnel shorter and more effective.

03.04.2019 Featured Post 412 views 6 min

Guide to Develop a Healthcare App

With the advent of technology and the widespread use of the internet, today you can receive reliable healthcare anywhere, anytime. This has led to an increase in internet-based healthcare solutions ranging from simple information providing services to complex Internet of Things products.

01.04.2019 Featured Post 11489 views 10 min

Managing Risk When Outsourcing Your Mobile Development Project to a Contractor

Outsourcing a project that will influence your business is always a risk. Especially if you don’t know the contractor well and don’t have anybody who can vouch for them. Business owners use different criteria to assess software development companies and choose a team: price, development time, Clutch rating, portfolio, etc. We decided to analyze the risks when outsourcing a project and talk about how we help our clients avoid these risks with Mobindustry.

26.03.2019 Featured Post 325 views 9 min