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How to Integrate Your Android Mobile App With React Native

React Native is becoming more popular each day, and it is no surprise: it is used by beginner developers who use JavaScript, but experienced developers also use its components to boost the development speed. While we still believe that apps created with native programming languages are more robust, adding React can be a great help, if you need an app fast.

11.09.2018 Featured Post 5037 views 8 min

How to Create a Church App or Ministry for iOS and Android

People like to stay connected to their church even if they can’t make the Sunday service every week. While many people perceive churches and religion as very traditional, many churches have already adopted technology to connect to people. In this article we tell you how to create a church app for Android and iOS and give you information to calculate its cost.

10.09.2018 Featured Post 1618 views 8 min

How to Build a Custom App for Kids: Types and Development Tips

Kids love technology. They spend hours playing games and watching videos on smartphones and tablets. For both parents and app developers, it’s important to make this experience safe, fun, and useful. Entertainment and learning apps for kids give infinite possibilities for entertainment and learning.

28.08.2018 Featured Post 1986 views 7 min

Building an App for Parents: BabyCenter App Case Study

There are hundreds of apps out there that help parents find their way through the difficulties of parenting. Not all of them, however, are as helpful as they could be. The BabyCenter mobile app is one of the best examples of a mobile app for parents, and in this article we’ll study it feature by feature and tell you how much it would cost if we developed a similar app for you.

16.08.2018 Featured Post 1958 views 5 min

How to Implement Voice Interactions into Your Android App

Tapping and scrolling is great, but voice control is the next step. The rise of voice-based AI and voice-controlled gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home show clearly that controlling software by voice is a trend. Here you’ll find out how to integrate voice control into your Android app and benefit from it.

10.08.2018 Featured Post 3945 views 6 min

How a Mobile App Can Boost Your Business

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. The boom has been rapid, impactful, and has streamlined the way we consume information and things as well as work. Intelligent, successful businesses have a caught on and as such are organizing their processes via apps. The future is now.

07.08.2018 Featured Post 1475 views 6 min

Apps for Parents: Types and Examples

Parenting is hard. Mobile apps exist to make things easier, and parents really need a hand when it comes to raising a child. Thankfully, the mobile market has lots of things to offer. In this article we explore types of apps that help people become good parents.

31.07.2018 Featured Post 1679 views 6 min

Learn From the Best: Top 3 Medical Apps for Patients and Doctors

There are over 2 million healthcare-related mobile apps on the app stores. There are applications for workouts, health management, childcare, contacting doctors, and more. To build a medical app that will stand this competition, you need to choose your niche and know it well.

26.07.2018 Featured Post 2546 views 6 min

Top 4 Most Popular Types of Applications for Disabled People

Apps are changing the way we interact, communicate, develop and live as a society. Disabled populations are part of this shared society and integrating them in the most seamless manner possible is a shared task, a shared responsibility.

24.07.2018 Featured Post 1568 views 6 min

Mobile App Rewriting vs App Refactoring

You’ve been working on a big project for several years already, and during that time team members have come and gone and your code has become vaguer and vaguer. In this article, we answer two questions: In which cases should you rewrite your application and what parts can be refactored? How should you go about refactoring your code?

03.07.2018 Featured Post 1757 views 8 min

iOS 12 Review: Release Date and New Features

The beginning of summer is a time of year all tech lovers wait for, as many big companies present devices and technologies they’ve been working on the whole year. In 2018, the world will see the new iOS 12. We can make some assumptions about what it will look like as the developer preview of iOS 12 is already available. In this article, we take a look at what Apple has prepared for us.

25.06.2018 Featured Post 1364 views 6 min

How To Create Accessible Apps for Android

Almost everyone has a smartphone. We use them for entertainment, communicating, exploring new locations, and paying for things. However, some people aren’t able to enjoy their full potential due to physical disabilities. For people with physical disabilities, developers have created special ways to interact with mobile devices.

21.06.2018 Featured Post 1676 views 7 min
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