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best app to fall asleep

Best Sleep Tracker Apps of 2021: Features and Monetization Models

In this article, we talk about the sleep tracking app market, features, and monetization. Also, we provide you with a list of the best sleep tracker app.

12.02.2021 Featured Post 165 views 11 min
dedicated development team in ukraine

IT Outsourcing Models: How to Choose Between Staff Augmentation, Full Project Outsourcing, and a Dedicated Team

In this article, we compare different outsourcing models. Find out how to choose between IT outsourcing models: staff augmentation, project outsourcing, dedicated team

02.02.2021 Featured Post 209 views 9 min
subscription box ideas to start

Subscription Box Business Model: How to Make Your Own App

Subscription boxes are experiencing growth and popularity as well as becoming more competitive. In this article, we shed light on the subscription box business model and give you an ultimate guide on how to make a subscription box app.

01.02.2021 Featured Post 184 views 10 min

How to Build a Car Sharing App. Must-have Features and Development Costs

Every day, carsharing conquers new markets across the globe. This type of shared mobility has already proved itself viable, and there’s still room to grow. Carsharing looks appealing as a business idea, and modern technologies make it possible to provide customers with high-quality service. This article tells you how to start a carsharing business and which features to include in a mobile app.

27.01.2021 Featured Post 2496 views 12 min
what is the difference between ios and android development

Android vs iOS App Development: What Are the Main Differences?

Mobile market overview According to Statista, there are currently around 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Most of them use apps on a daily basis, and the demand for mobile apps is higher than ever. Businesses need a mobile … Read More

26.01.2021 Featured Post 181 views 10 min

How to Create a Spontaneous Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

Forget the invitation. Just jump into the conversation. This is the idea driving a new social startup called Clubhouse that’s ready to take advantage of people’s flexible quarantine schedules. In this article, we share insights into the Clubhouse app, which is currently invite-only. Find out what this secret spontaneous chat app is all about.

25.01.2021 Featured Post 244 views 7 min
web application architecture best practices

Web App Architecture: Components, Layers, and Types

Businesses and organizations of all kinds build apps of different levels of complexity, and it can be overwhelming to understand what technologies will be best suited for your individual case. Choosing the web app architecture design is the most important step in its development

25.01.2021 Featured Post 177 views 9 min
android app development hire

Where and How to Hire Android App Developers

Hiring an Android developer is a challenging task for many companies. Because of the high demand for professional developers, companies end up competing for talent by offering bonuses, perks, and higher salaries. Small and medium-sized non-tech companies struggle the most with hiring Android developers

19.01.2021 Featured Post 231 views 11 min
how to build a cloud application

How to Make a Cloud-Based Application: An Ultimate Guide

Thinking about creating a cloud-based application? In this article, you’ll dive into the world of cloud-based applications and find out how to make one.

13.01.2021 Featured Post 283 views 8 min
how is the digital environment influencing consumer choices

Consumer Behavior Trends in 2021: How B2C Companies Can Adapt a Digital Strategy

The economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 persists, and its impact is being felt globally. But there are significant differences in how consumers are responding to the crisis and adapting to the new normal. Changes in consumer behavior extend to all areas of life, including to how consumers work, shop, and spend their free time.

12.01.2021 Featured Post 245 views 7 min
video based learning management system

How to Create a Video-Based Learning Platform Like Udemy

Online learning has been gaining popularity in the past 10 years, but the pandemic has caused a boom in this industry. Video based learning benefits students, schools, and individuals who want to learn or pass on their expertise. Learn how to start an online learning platform of your own

11.01.2021 Featured Post 190 views 11 min
hospitality technology

Future Hotel Technologies Which Help the Hospitality Industry to Recover Post-Covid

It’s already clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world. These changes will affect all areas of business. Today, we’ll discuss the future of the hotel industry and the technologies that will come to the rescue.

06.01.2021 Featured Post 261 views 8 min
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