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How to Create Web Dashboards for IoT Devices

IoT devices are being integrated into all kinds of industries: home goods, automotive, healthcare, and public transport. No matter where you use IoT technology, you’ll need to control devices and gather valuable data. For this, you’ll need a single control center: a dashboard

24.01.2020 Featured Post 553 views 8 min

How to Create Document Scanning Software for Lawyers

Ninety percent of a lawyer’s work is connected with documents, despite what TV series try to show us. Even in 2020, lawyers spend lots of time manually filling out documents. In this article, we’ll talk about digitizing the whole process with the help of document scanning software

14.01.2020 Featured Post 213 views 6 min

How to Create a Movies and TV Show Streaming App like Netflix

Video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video are killing traditional TV. As of January 2019, 139 million people were paying Netflix each month for access to their vast library of content. And Netflix’s subscriber base is growing every year. You can create your own video streaming service to get a share of this rapidly growing market

09.01.2020 Featured Post 295 views 9 min

How to Implement the BLoC Architecture in Flutter: Benefits and Best Practices

Flutter is a relatively new technology that’s becoming more popular by the day. But because it’s still young, developers have many questions about it. In this article, we’ll answer common questions about the best Flutter architecture, how to implement it, and how to use it in real-world projects

08.01.2020 Featured Post 482 views 6 min

15 Best Automation Testing Tools for Web Applications in 2020

Testing should always go hand in hand with website development It not only makes your code smooth and eliminates bugs but helps you achieve your business goals. In this article, we review the best website testing tools in 2020 that you can use to test your web software before and after the release

23.12.2019 Featured Post 204 views 10 min

How We Created a Full-fledged IoT Solution for a Power Bank Sharing Startup

Our client, a Chinese power bank sharing startup, needed full-cycle development for their whole IoT system. We created three technical specification documents, a cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, an application for power bank stations, and a backend with an admin panel. In this case study, we describe the development process and the challenges we overcame

23.12.2019 Featured Post 198 views 5 min

How Much Does It Cost to Create an Insurance Software Product for Africa? [Frontend + Backend]

Services are becoming more digitized every year. Customers and businesses use software for insurance companies to connect, and both benefit from fast and effective data collection and processing. However, this business is lagging compared to other domains. If you want your company to stand out, it’s time to jump on the insurtech train

18.12.2019 Featured Post 362 views 9 min

How to Create Beautiful Animations in Your Android App: Motion Layout

Animation makes a good interface outstanding, increasing user satisfaction and thus your app’s conversion rate — and eventually your income. Animations are an important part of the user interface, as it makes an app pleasant to look at

28.11.2019 Featured Post 689 views 7 min

How to Develop a Backend and an Admin Panel for a Food Ordering and Delivery App

As video streaming services continue to release interesting content, people choose to watch at home and prefer food delivery to going out. This has caused the food delivery market to grow year to year, and that growth is only accelerating: according to Forbes, by 2025 the food delivery market will hit $200 billion.

27.11.2019 Featured Post 610 views 9 min

11 Web Application Security Best Practices You Need to Know

According to Security Magazine, a cyber attack takes place somewhere in the world every 39 seconds. As hackers become hungrier for people’s sensitive data and the number of cyberattacks increases, it’s vital to ensure reliable protection of your web app.

27.11.2019 Featured Post 357 views 8 min

Complete Guide to Web Development for Nonprofits

The main goal of a nonprofit website is to spark emotion in its visitors and encourage them to donate or help the organization in some way. People that visit such websites may already be motivated, but sometimes they just need a push to take the final step

26.11.2019 Featured Post 254 views 7 min

Case Study: How I Created a Demo Mobile App in Flutter for Different Domains

I created a demo project for use by businesses that sell products and services of various types. This app has a catalog, product profiles and ratings. The content in the app can be changed easily, so clients are able to get a personalized demonstration product in a short amount of time.

25.10.2019 Featured Post 641 views 6 min

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