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shopping app ideas

10 Best Shopping Apps in 2020 to Learn From

Want to build a shopping app? Let’s find out what the best shopping apps are in 2020. What are the pros and cons of the most successful marketplace websites? And what should you learn from your major competitors as a shopping app owner?

26.06.2020 Featured Post 269 views 7 min

How to Create an NFC App for Android

NFC is a technology mostly used in banking, and often developers create NFC payment apps for business. However, there are countless ways to use it, and you can be really creative with it. No wonder it is gaining popularity among users and developers, as it’s present in most modern mobile devices. In this article I’ll show you how to build an NFC application and be a bit creative with it.

25.06.2020 Featured Post 4061 views 6 min

How To Make Your App GDPR-Compliant

It took three years to make GDPR real, and on May 25, 2018 it will finally come into force. From now on, companies will need to treat information about their customers more carefully. GDPR gives users more power over how companies use their personal data. Is your company ready to meet the requirements?

25.06.2020 Featured Post 2267 views 9 min
how much does a website cost to build

How Much Does a Website Cost: Get a Full Breakdown

Website development services are something almost every business owner eventually needs. Today, a business without a website is rare, and even small businesses create websites to promote their services

24.06.2020 Featured Post 300 views 10 min

How to Create a Mobile Live Streaming App for Your Business

Video content is the most consumed type of content at the moment. People are spending more and more time watching videos online, and TV is no longer the primary source of visual content. Though live video streaming appeared only recently, it’s already become a gold mine for marketers, business owners, and bloggers.

24.06.2020 Featured Post 2141 views 9 min

How to Choose a Perfect Architecture for iOS: MVC vs MVVM vs Redux

Architecture is a fundamental part of your app. It’s what you build your app on top of. You should think about the architecture before you begin development and keep in mind both the technical and business purposes your iOS app will serve in the future. Choosing an architecture that’s clear and simple yet able to scale is a real challenge, and as an iOS developer, I feel that traditional iOS architectural patterns are sometimes hard to work with.

23.06.2020 Featured Post 2175 views 7 min
create an online shopping app

How to Make a Shopping App and Website like Wish

Want to build a shopping app and website like Wish? In this article, you’ll find out what Wish is, why it’s so successful, and how to create a shopping website that can thrive just like Wish does.

22.06.2020 Featured Post 262 views 6 min

App Development Cost: How to Estimate Your Mobile App Project

How much will it cost to develop your app? Answering this question is the first thing a development team should do before starting work on your project. An estimate will clearly show you if a development company is right for you and if you’re the right client for them

19.06.2020 Featured Post 2261 views 14 min

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Shopping App in 2020?

The cost to develop a shopping app is pretty high. But in the modern world it can be even more expensive for an online retailer not to create one. Competition in the ecommerce market is intense, and a mobile app can be a major advantage for your business since more and more people are using smartphones to shop online, and retail is shifting to mobile commerce or mCommerce for short.

18.06.2020 Featured Post 2776 views 10 min
flutter app development services

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Cross-platform App Development Project

Flutter is a mobile development framework that appeared only a few years ago and has already won over the development market. Its fresh approach that took all the best from cross-platform and native development allows businesses to get functional apps fast, and Flutter application development services are becoming more and more popular.

16.06.2020 Featured Post 300 views 8 min
design learning management system

How to Create Your Own Custom Learning Management System

Want to build a custom learning management system (LMS)? In this article, we talk about what an LMS is, how it works, and what the main types of LMSs are. We also list key features that are important to build a successful learning management system.

15.06.2020 Featured Post 250 views 8 min
what is the best language learning app

How to Build Your Own Language App Like Duolingo?

Want to know how to build a language learning app like Duolingo? In this article, we talk about what Duolingo is, how it works, and what features are the key to building a successful language learning application.

29.05.2020 Featured Post 373 views 7 min
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