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Overcoming Inconsistencies in a Logistics App: Connecting Native Features with a React Native Module

We’ve been working with a large European logistics company for three years, building and supporting their customer-facing mobile app. In this case study, we describe how we set up efficient communication between customers and the client’s support team via a chatbot integrated with the Salesforce platform.

31.01.2019 Featured Post 123 views 3 min

MVC vs MVP vs MVVM vs MVI. Choosing an Architecture for Android App

Before you build a house, you need to lay a foundation. The type of foundation will depend on how big your house will be, how many stories it will have, and what materials you’ll use to build it. The same goes for mobile software: before you start developing it, you need to create an architecture. The architecture will influence your app’s scalability and overall structure.

31.01.2019 Featured Post 485 views 8 min

How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App for Your Needs

The real estate market is full of competition. To get ahead of your competitors, you try different strategies. You might improve your service, attract real estate agents to your website, and add new offers. Another thing you might try is creating a mobile application and creating value your competitors can only dream of.

28.01.2019 Featured Post 181 views 8 min

How Do Free Apps Make Money? Top 4 Best Monetization Strategies

Top 10 most profitable apps in the world are free to download. Every month, they get millions of dollars in revenue and grow their user bases by thousands of new users. Paid apps aren’t as successful, though it may seem that it should be the other way round. What’s the secret of free but extremely profitable apps? How do free apps make money? You’ll find out in this article.

28.01.2019 Featured Post 192 views 10 min
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How to Create a Loyalty Program App for Your Business

At some point, a business has to choose either to acquire new customers or retain existing customers. If you want to work on making your existing customers loyal to your business, you can approach it in different ways. Creating a loyalty mobile application is one of your options.

25.01.2019 Featured Post 147 views 9 min
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How to Integrate Machine Learning into an Android App: Best Image Recognition Tools

Machine learning and object recognition are two of the hottest topics in mobile development today. Object recognition is a big part of machine learning, and can be used in domains such as ecommerce, healthcare, media, and education. In this article, we show you the process of integrating machine learning into an Android app with an image labeling example.

25.12.2018 Featured Post 491 views 9 min

Transforming a Web App Idea into an Advanced Technical Specification

Our client came to us with a great idea, and we made it into one of our best and most detailed technical specifications. Read our case study about when professional background and deep knowledge of market meets mobile expertise and technical background.

21.12.2018 Featured Post 191 views 6 min

How to Develop an App for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology of the future that’s already becoming reality. Its possibilities for health, agriculture, manufacturing, and daily life are crazier than anything a sci-fi writer of the last century could have imagined. Mobile apps will be a point of connection for many IoT devices, and in this article we explore how to build an IoT app of the future.

21.12.2018 Featured Post 745 views 8 min

How to Create a Mobile App for Your Travel Agency: Features and Cost

Mobile apps and travel were meant for each other. Travelers use their mobile phones to check their flights, pack their suitcases, find the best deals, check into hotels, find the best route around a new city, and learn about places worth seeing. But most travel agencies still don’t offer mobile apps, so you have a great chance to be among the first!

13.12.2018 Featured Post 380 views 10 min

Mobile Development Forecast for 2019: Trends, Programming Languages, Tools, and Domains

2019 is coming soon, and at Mobindustry we’ve been thinking about what new year holds for mobile development. What developer skills will be the most valuable in 2019? What technologies and apps will be trending? Read on to find answers to these and other questions.

13.12.2018 Featured Post 1150 views 7 min

How We Created a Retail App for a Large Ecommerce Leader

How to create an effective mobile strategy? We learned this from our experience, and you can now learn from ours! In just half a year Mobindustry managed to bring a mobile retail platform 88% increase in active users, 41% increased retention rate and 60% bigger average check. Read how we created an ecommerce app for a retail leader and what lessons we have to share.

05.12.2018 Featured Post 107 views 7 min

How to Integrate Social Networks into Your Website and Android Mobile app: Facebook and Instagram

Business is where people are. And people spend hours on social media each day sharing their experiences, feelings, thoughts, and purchases. This internet culture has become a vital part of a business’s online presence, and to be successful, businesses need to relate to social media in one way or another.

28.11.2018 Featured Post 526 views 11 min