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A fast and simple way to organize events and share them with friends

Create and edit events

The Tomeeto app allows users to create and edit different types of events and add details such as location, time, date, and agenda.

Invite friends to events

Users can invite friends to events through Tomeeto contacts, social media, email, and even by phone number.

Event chat

Users can discuss events in in-app chats to find the most suitable time and location for all group members.

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Free app for scheduling events and effectively managing meetups

With Tomeeto, you can easily schedule events like birthday parties, movie nights, and game get-togethers. Unlike similar services, Tomeeto allows users to discuss upcoming meetings using in-app chat, keeping everything in one place.

Main features of Tomeeto:

– Easy sign-up and sign-in
– Create/edit events
– Invite friends to events
– Add events to the calendar
– View guests
– Share plans to attend events (RSVP as Yes or Maybe)

What we did

– Wireframes and technical documentation
– UI/UX design
– Development (Flutter)
– Project management

Tomeeto was our company’s first experience with Flutter. We chose this technology to be able to implement an MVP version of the app in the simplest way possible with a limited budget. To implement the back end, we used Firebase. This allowed us to set up the app fast and meet our client’s time-to-market needs.


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