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Online Boardroom


Mobile client of an online boardroom community

Real-time connection

Get connected online and make it work

UI/UX concept

Save your time with intuitive navigation

Social features

Make business and contact partners online

Online boardroom community

BoardProspects is a LinkedIn-like application for CEOs. This platform is created for board members of different kinds of corporations. In this boardroom community, they can contact each other and share the most recent news in multiple spheres such as recruitment, education or management expertise.

We have implemented

Mobindustry team has implemented mobile and tablet clients to support the already existing website.
Our job was to provide UI\UX design in accordance with the approved brand standards.
The dev team extended already existing ASP.NET MVC code base and used already existing data and business logic layers to add mobile-adapted functionality.
It was decided to use jQuery mobile framework as a lightweight solution to implement the requested design.


jquery mobile
jQuery Mobile
Entity Framework 5

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