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Online boardroom community

It’s like a LinkedIn but for the cEOs and secure.

BoardProspects is the online boardroom community for board members, prospective board members and corporations (public, private and non-profit). We provide a platform where members can connect with one another and share the latest information in boardroom news, education, best practices and recruitment opportunities.

We have implemented

Mobindustry team has implemented mobile and tablet versions of the already existing complex website.

Our job was to provide UI\UX expertise with approved standardized design.
Dev team extended already existing MVC code base with adding separate mobile-adapted functionality using already existing Data and Business layers.
It was decided to use jQuery mobile framework as light-weight solutions to achieve requested design.

There were pretty many communications between the core dev team and ours with our suggestions related to performance and user experience enhancements.



jQuery Mobile



Entity Framework 5

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