Easily track your collective expenses

Custom UI

Smart and intuitive UI developed to meet your needs.

Finance Management

You have all your expenses under control.

Self-management system

All you need to get under control is here.

Finance ios app

Budgy — the only app designed to let friends stay friends, when the money are on the line!

For any situation when you need to split the bill (i.e. rent, dinner, groceries) here is a great interface which allows to keep track of all the expenses and stay away from any arguments on what is everybody`s share.

We have implemented

An app for the start-up that contains local database that synchronize with the server and custom UI.






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"It was good to work with Mobindustry. Diligent team, good communication and coding skills. Guys were fast in responding to our propositions and comments."
Andrei Titarenko Co-Owner in Budgy, Ukraine

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