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Personal Finance Management App


Financial iOS app for tracking shared expenses for groups

Custom UI

Smart and intuitive UI to meet user needs

Finance Management

Control over all expenses in a trip or everyday life


Documenting where exactly the money was spent

Let friends stay friends, when the money is on the line!

Budgy is a specialized application for tracking shared expenses.

Users are able to split bills without worrying about getting their money back. This finance tracking system fixes all amounts of money group members own to each other with each spending details.

Budgy can help its user not only during a trip with friends but also in everyday life – it will track all personal spendings, help with the bills and make a well-organized, transparent statistics.

We have implemented

The app for this startup was developed by Mobindustry team according to the client’s solution visioning. Our team developed and approved UX and UI designs as well as detailed feature specs.

As a result, we developed a personal finance and spending statistics tool with such useful addition as a geolocation system to document the places where money was spent.

To name a couple of technical tasks, we made it possible to synchronize the local database with custom UI with server.

Our team also implemented an option for offline work.



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"It was good to work with Mobindustry. Diligent team, good communication and coding skills. Guys were fast in responding to our propositions and comments."
Andrei Titarenko Co-Owner in Budgy, Ukraine

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