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5 Best Types of Agricultural Mobile Apps to Consider for Your Agribusiness

Modern agriculture faces lots of challenges including soil degradation, pollution, lack of resources, emissions, and excessive water consumption. As civilization evolves, the main industry that feeds it should evolve too. Cloud-based technology and mobile devices will become the center of this global change.

23.11.2018 Featured Post 650 views 7 min

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Banking Mobile App?

Banks have been around since money appeared, and as money is changing, the banking system is changing too. According to Citi’s 2018 Mobile Banking Study, 81% of US consumers use their mobile devices to manage finances and 46% of US consumers have increased their usage of banking apps in the past year. Thought leaders believe that mobile apps will soon become a must-have for banks rather than just a trend.

19.11.2018 Featured Post 518 views 9 min
How a 1.5-hour Talk Can Save You Budget and Months on Mobile Development

How a 1.5-hour Talk Can Save You Budget and Months on Mobile Development

So, you have a mobile app development in your plan. It can be a valuable business extension or a smart startup, and lots of opportunities are there to use. But from budget to technology, you’ll need to consider lots of things. To build an app in time and on budget, you need a mobile industry expert. In this article, I’ll tell you about the development process and pitfalls that may not seem obvious at first.

23.10.2018 Featured Post 51 views 7 min

How We Ensure Your App’s Quality: QA Best Practices

Weak quality assurance can kill your app. While I always encourage testing from the client’s side, I also know that amateur testing is often not enough to ensure that an app won’t break and irritate users. In this article I’ll give you insights into the professional testing process and tell you about pitfalls you might encounter if you test your app by yourself.

12.10.2018 Featured Post 189 views 6 min

7 Things You Need to Decide Before Starting an App Development Project

Would you believe me if I told you that 60% of our potential clients don’t find out their target audience before starting their mobile app project or that 30% have no clue how they can monetize their app? It’s true, and this lack of knowledge can cost a mobile entrepreneur thousands of dollars and months of development spent on a product they started without app development planning.

12.10.2018 Featured Post 328 views 8 min

16 Things You Don’t Know About the Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile application and planning the budget is more difficult that it seems. As someone who wants to create a mobile application based on an idea or business, you’ll need to consider lots of things you might not even have known existed. In this article, I’ll tell you what they are and show you blind spots and tricky steps in mobile app development process.

11.10.2018 Featured Post 443 views 7 min

How to Quickly Implement Beautiful Charts in Your Android App

People mostly perceive information visually: videos, photos, and charts draw attention and explain things better than plain numbers or words. This is why many applications use bright and clear charts to present information. In this article, we explore how to add charts to your app without spending lots of time (and therefore money) on their development.

24.09.2018 Featured Post 1029 views 6 min
android library security

How to Protect Your Android App with Obfuscation and Encryption

A security breach can kill your app and your reputation. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure your app is secure, especially if you collect sensitive information from your users. In this article, I’ll talk about the main security techniques and best practices that will help you avoid hacker attacks and protect your mobile application before release.

20.09.2018 Featured Post 428 views 8 min

How to Integrate Your Android Mobile App With React Native

React Native is becoming more popular each day, and it is no surprise: it is used by beginner developers who use JavaScript, but experienced developers also use its components to boost the development speed. While we still believe that apps created with native programming languages are more robust, adding React can be a great help, if you need an app fast.

11.09.2018 Featured Post 852 views 7 min

How to Create a Church App or Ministry for iOS and Android

People like to stay connected to their church even if they can’t make the Sunday service every week. While many people perceive churches and religion as very traditional, many churches have already adopted technology to connect to people. In this article we tell you how to create a church app for Android and iOS and give you information to calculate its cost.

10.09.2018 Featured Post 172 views 8 min

How to Build a Custom App for Kids: Types and Development Tips

Kids love technology. They spend hours playing games and watching videos on smartphones and tablets. For both parents and app developers, it’s important to make this experience safe, fun, and useful. Entertainment and learning apps for kids give infinite possibilities for entertainment and learning.

28.08.2018 Featured Post 475 views 7 min

Building an App for Parents: BabyCenter App Case Study

There are hundreds of apps out there that help parents find their way through the difficulties of parenting. Not all of them, however, are as helpful as they could be. The BabyCenter mobile app is one of the best examples of a mobile app for parents, and in this article we’ll study it feature by feature and tell you how much it would cost if we developed a similar app for you.

16.08.2018 Featured Post 466 views 5 min